Today we gather to bid farewell to the year 2010. It was a fun year overall and now it’s time to send 2010 off with the obligatory year-in-review. I need to warn you that this is extremely biased as it’s stuff I thought was great. Also being a frequent movie watcher, this was probably my worst attendance record in the theaters so I didn’t really catch very many movies since the start of summer, so some heavy hitters were missed unfortunately. However, I did watch a lot of TV so there’s that. So without further audiu, lets say farewell to 2010 by taking a look back.


I may have missed out on a lot of movies this year, nothing earth-shattering happened in comics and prior to Christmas I’ve been about 6 or so years behind on video games. However, one thing i did indulge with was T.V. and this year was quite the year on the tube. Here’s my picks for the biggest T.V. moments:


This was the year that we said goodbye to LOST. After 6 years of mystery and intrigue the series ran it’s final course. While the final season had it’s moments such as the introduction of the badass character Dogen, Richard’s backstory, Man in Black wearing a  John Locke suit, and we got to see some old friends like Charlie, Micheal, Juliet, and Daniel Faraday. However this show alienated fans with it’s finale. Some fans didn’t buy into the “Cave of goodness” or the true nature of the Flash-Sideways and didn’t quite give fans the answers they felt that NEEDED to be answered despite promos promising that “all will be revealed”. I personally have learned to live with the ending and have begun to appreciate it, others however have been less than forgiving. But in the end, it was a solid show that kept me watching and proved that Matthew Fox is the world’s best man-crier.


Feeling “Lost” without Lost being around, I found comfort with Fringe (still catching up on it) and the Walking Dead. I was introduced to The Walking Dead comics last year when some coworkers began reading the trade paperbacks. Not wanting to be left out I began to read them and got hooked. Then came the show. While only 6 episodes long for it’s inaugural season, it packed a pretty strong punch (or bite). Zombies gave AMC record ratings and with hope, everyone will defect from change-at-will-even-in-daytime “Werewolves” and sparkly vampires to the far superior zombies. While the show suffered with “2 chicks talking on a boat” (aka the looooongest start of an episode ever), it made up for the boring episode by making one of the annoying sisters get bitten and half the camp eaten. Sadly, we may have to wait 10 more months for season 2.


Whether you are Team Leno or Team Coco, this was a pretty big screwover on NBC’s part no matter how you look at it. When Conan took the reigns of The Tonight Show last summer, Leno started a show during primetime. However, both shows suffered rating drops, and NBC tried to repair the trend by bumping Conan back to his old slot. 45 million dollars and an alienated audience later, NBC moved Leno back to The Tonight Show and Conan took his act on the road until he signed a deal for a new show on TBS (which started rusty but feels very much like the Conan that we love now). At least the final shows had some comedy gold, such as Peewee Herman explaining the legal situation of Conan vs NBC with toys.

SUPERNATURAL ENDS IT’S SEASON AWESOMELY…. (then comes back with a meh follow-up season)

Supernatural would have had the perfect series finale should it ended in May when showrunner Eric Kripke left. We had the apocalypse, the Winchesters took on Satan, the 4 Horsemen of the apocalypse, zombies, drunk-on-power angels and the usual demons. The Finale was amazing, Castiel  got blown up by Devil-Sam, Bobby got his neck broken and that annoying secret brother of theirs took a tumble with Devil-Sam into hell. Dean is left alone and begins to try to start a normal life. That would have been one of TV’s best finales ever!!! Buuutttt the CW renewed it and quite frankly I have yet to really get into this current season. Better to burn out than to fade away, sadly, unless something amazing happens this season, Supernatural may do the latter.


It pains me to say this, but It’s Always Sunny really started pretty blah this season. Charlie and Frank entered a civil union, Mac fought gay marriage (b/c his former transvestite fling moved on without him), Mac and Charlie tried to restore an abandoned pool and the laughs were pretty limited in comparison to earlier seasons. However, the gang threw 2 really really amazing episodes that would probably be ranked within some of the best episodes of the show’s run.  In “Who Got Sweet Dee Pregnant?” the Gang backtracks to the events of a Halloween Party to figure out which one of them knocked up Sweet Dee (turns out she was just screwing with them). Between Charlie’s “too sexy Vampire Costume” and The Return of the Mcpoyles, there was a lot to love…Then came “Sweet Dee Gives Birth”, where the gang throws an impromptu party for all of Dee’s old flames to find out the identity of the babydaddy (including Soldier Boy and FREAKING LIL KEV!!!!). Thank you Gang!!! You had me worried for a bit there but bounced back in style…sorry i had my doubts!


Community: Community is awesome to begin with but doing both a Die-hard and zombie homage episode this year really earned them some points. The paintball episode really rivaled the one that Spaced did a few years back.

True Blood: After last season’s demigod/bull lady that caused everyone to engage in an orgy, I was very pleased to see a much cooler bad guy with the Vampire King of Mississippi, Russel Edgington. He truly was an awesome bad guy especially when his man Talbot gets turned into goo, a new level of craziness came out. Also, we reconfirmed that Eric is still much better than that douche Bill Compton….even though I like how he says “Sookeh!!”.

Eastbound and Down: This season had Kenny Powers flee to Mexico….and Steve followed. We got to see Kenny Powers go from seedy cockfighting champion to Kenny Powers playing baseball in Mexico. With all but 2 members of the original cast returning, Eastbound and Down showed that as long as Kenny and Steve are in the show, the show will still be really really funny.

Boardwalk Empire: This show really allowed Steve Buschmi shine as a gangster. Good job!


As stated earlier, I didn’t get to see many movies this year (I kinda fizzled out around June). So Inception, Toy Story 3, Social Network, Black Swan and a few others were not seen by me this year. But there was one movie this year that really stood out for me…


I never read the graphic novels, so I didn’t know anything about the movie going into it. Admittedly in trailers I thought the Batman TV Show-esque “BAMs” “SMACK” and “K.O.’s” were going to be annoying and distracting, but I LOVED this movie!! Edgar Wright is well on his way to dethrone Tarantino as my top director.

Honorable mentions (that I actually got to see): Iron Man 2, Kick Ass, and Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows pt 1 (aka the roadtrip movie).

Biggest disappointment (that i paid money to see): Clash of The Titans! The 80s version was far superior, this one basically was one big daddy issues movie….Cop out was complete sh*t too (but fortunately i only rented it)


Aside from porn, memes are probably the other part of the internet that is insanely popular. Here’s the best that 2010 had to show


This had to be my favorite meme this year. Not only did the original bring lots of funniness to the internets, but it happened MULTIPLE TIMES, Here, Here & Here (He’s a bit happier in that last one)! Poor Keanu, I want to just go do lunch with him some time, these pictures just make me sad that he’s all alone.


Like Sad Keanu, Strutting Leo only got funnier with each photoshop.


Without a shadow of a doubt, this guy is probably the biggest meme of 2010. You may not know the name but you know the catchphrases “They’re raping everyone up in here” and “You left your shirt fool!!”. Antoine caught a would-be rapist trying to break into his sisters room and while it’s not a funny matter, the news interview was comedy gold.

Best of all, Antoine has been a really good sport about the internet fame and made a few TV appearances, hopefully he’ll appear on Tosh.0 soon!!


Although 2010 had it’s shining moments there are a few things that I could have done without:


I blame Avatar for this becoming such a big deal. Avatar broke box office records with it’s 3D release….naturally TV manufacturers felt that this would make people want to watch 3D programs in the comfort of their own home. What they didn’t realize, is that those stupid glasses are a pain in the ass to have to wear anytime you want to watch TV, not to mention the fact that without the glasses you get one really ugly picture which basically means that if anyone comes over for game or movie night either you have to own a ton of pricey glasses or everyone will need to B.Y.O.G. (Bring Your Own Glasses). While it’s mostly a “feature” on HDTVs, it’s still a very pricey fad that looks to be on it’s way out. I feel sorry for the poor stupid people that shelled out so much money for it.


I devoted an entire column to the many ways that Science tried to ruin dinosaurs this year  and it will just piss me off more to mention them again….but since that article a new theory came out that had the nerve to claim that many carnivorous dinosaurs enjoyed plants!!!! WTF?? Can we please keep dinosaurs featherless, existing and bloodthristy???? IS THAT TOO HARD TO ASK SCIENTISTS??? However there is some hope.


Thanks BP, I didn’t eat any seafood this year b/c I was worried about eating oil. The news was also depressing with all the oil covered pelicans and seagulls…jackasses.


I really really would like for this show to succeed because

A.) I love Spider-man

B.) The show sounds awesome (if it works right).

However, this poor show has been plagued by injuries (not limited to one of the performers taking a 30 foot drop!!!) and one of the main villianeses in the show walked out this past week. Things just don’t look good right now for the show.


The FDA apparently doesn’t like mixing uppers with downers and this drink has effectively been banned in several states. Based on my most recent Random Review: I’m not going to miss it at all

Well that wraps up my year-in-review. 2011 looks to have some cool stuff. Did I leave anything out? Feel free to comment below.

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