Weekend Movie Review: The Evil Dead (2013)

evil_dead_2013When it comes to cult movies, Evil Dead is as big as they come. From its shoe string budget and the filming process of making the movie (more entertaining than the movie itself), to its fantastic sequels Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn and the always incredible Army of Darkness it’s a very beloved movie. So naturally when the remake was announced, I was quick to write it off. I’m a firm believer in the “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” rule and even though an Evil Dead remake with a decent budget made sense, I still wasn’t sold as I’ve had remakes that made sense let me down before (Clash of the Titans). Above all, I was ready to light some torches if they even dared to have the character of Ash recast (Bruce Campbell is the ONLY person that should ever play Ash if you ever ask me). I even felt conflicted not wanting to see it when it was revealed that both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell were producers.  However, the real push for me to want to see it was when early screenings revealed that there would be no Ash in the movie and that the film follows a different set of characters to that wonderfully spooky cabin in the woods. Plus it was getting great reviews coming out of SXSW. (READ MORE)


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