“Bikes, Beers, & Frites: A Journey to Belgium (and Netherlands)”

“Bikes, Beers, & Frites: A Journey to Belgium (and Netherlands)”

Foreword (AKA a quick after-the-fact note)

belgiumJust a week before my 32nd birthday, my wife Stacey wanted to go on a vacation abroad somewhere to celebrate and to satisfy a travel itch. We talked before of Italy to follow our England Trip  just a year or two after but a few life changes caused that plan to not really take place when planned. Once we were able to do another journey Italy was strongly considered as was Iceland but then the question was asked “where would you like to go?”.

For me, being a beer nerd over the last few years, Belgium always had an appeal to me. It’s where some of my favorite beer is imported from, it has a lot of history, and it just sounded fun. We originally planned 4 days and 3 nights in Belgium visiting Brussels, Bruges and Ghent and then we would fly up to Copenhagen to visit a friend and spend 2 days there prior to coming home.

Unfortunately, just merely a day after we landed in Brussels, a terrorist attack carried out by ISIS bombed the very same airport halls and train we rode on less than 24 hours after we safely left to visit Bruges. We were lucky to avoid such a fate. It’s something that definitely altered our plans, and sort of hung over constantly the entire time. We ended up visiting places (and countries)  that were not planned at all but in an ultimate “making lemonade outta lemons” scenario we went with where the wind (or more accurately airline plans) took us and had quite the adventure as a result Here’s my journal for our Belgium (mostly) trip.

-Brad (March 29, 2016)

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