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Dinosaur Desmond: The Traveling Elasomasaurus

So the following reads like a children’s book….because it’s really funny (to me).

Desmond the Elasmosaurus lived in the cool waters of Loch Ness….(he’s Scottish you see). One day, Desmond got sick of being mistaken for a girl (so offending to him) and a “monster” (He wasn’t one for name-calling). He decided to take a vacation and travel the world.

Sometimes he traveled in Brad’s rain jacket

Sometimes he took the train

Sometimes he rode in a backpack

Dinosaur Desmond soon arrived in London, England where he did some site-seeing

He saw the London Eye

Then he saw Big Ben

He really liked seeing all the red phone booths

For lunch, he ate some soup in the Crypt Cafe. Dead bodies didn’t bother Dinosaur Desmond as he’s seen them before. (When he wasn’t in the mood for fish)

Still Hungry, He tried to eat the Tower Bridge

Then the Tower of London

Then some ships

Desmond was happy to be in such a wonderful place!

He especially liked looking out at the Thames River from the Tower of London

Soon he had to leave as there was more to see….so he caught the bus!

He explored the Thames River a bit more and tried to eat another boat (Travel makes him feel a bit peckish)

Desmond caught another bus because there was one more place he wanted to see!


Desmond wondered how nice it must be on the inside of the palace and if the Queen would like to meet him.

He also wished he could march with the Royal Guards.

But he rather enjoyed just looking at the place

Desmond had a wonderful time and couldn’t wait until his next traveling adventure, so he returned home to plan his next adventure!


A word from “The Author”: “I brought Dinosaur Desmond on his first adventure with me on a trip to the United Kingdom. My original intention was to make a “Loch Ness Monster” photo, use some camera tricks to make it look like it tried to eat us but then show it one more time in London.

However, Dinosaur Desmond became too much fun and I turned into “annoying tourist mode” and just couldn’t stop taking him with me and photographing him. I wish I thought of the idea sooner as it’d be fun to have him visit other famous landmarks in the UK. Some pedestrians thought it was funny and probably thought I was doing it for my non-existent son and was taking pictures of his favorite toy… least that was the excuse I was going to use had I been asked why a late 20something man like myself is taking photos with a toy dinosaur. Anyway it turned out to be a lot of fun.

I would love to see Desmond go on further adventures, so if you wanna finance a trip, offer a book deal, or anything like that I’d be very open to it 😉



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