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Beer Week: 9 Beer-Centric Shows, Documentaries and Movies for GABF, Oktoberfest…or Whenever

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Posted on by Brad

September is really more or less “SeptemBEER” this year for me and probably those of you that read this. Over the next week, Oktoberfest will still be in full effect and this weekend will host the “beer superbowl” known as the Great American Beer Festival(aka the biggest ticketed beer festival in America). While the weekend is still days away, there’s plenty of time to kill. So I thought it’ll be fun to make it “Beer Week” here on PopCultureAsylum and have a few beer-worthy articles.  If you’re planning to hit an Oktoberfest event or if you’re lucky enough to be in my neck of the woods this weekend for GABF,  here’s a few documentaries, TV shows and movies to get into the beer spirit (beerit??). Fortunately a majority are available online for streaming through YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu or Netflix. Enjoy!

beerfestBeerfest- It’s not as good as Broken Lizard’s crown jewel of Super Troopers, but this Oktoberfest -appropriate comedy is definitely worthy of repeated viewings especially ahead of any beer festival, especially Oktoberfest. Raise up “Das Boot!” and enjoy!

worlds endThe World’s End-  While it may not pack as many laughs as the rest of the Cornetto trilogy (along Hot Fuzz & Shaun of the Dead), the decidedly more mature entry is still really fun to watch and seems to get better after every viewing.  A bunch of old friends reunite to finish a pub crawl they never finished 20 years earlier….except this time there’s killer robots. There’s a good chance this will make you want to do a pub crawl of your own.

strange brewStrange Brew- This is a classic comedy about Canadians and beer with a Hamlet-esque spin. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. I’ll have to give it another watch while eating those All Dressed Up Canadian Ruffles that’s now in our stores eh?

beer warsBeer Wars- This documentary is a few years old now and some facts are now outdated, but this is a very cool look at the growing emergence of smaller Craft Breweries and the ever-growing presence of Beer Giants such as InBev and MillerCoors trying to keep a grasp on their dominance in the beer market. Very great and worthy of watching.

beer saved worldHow Beer Saved the World- As weird as it sounds on paper, Beer REALLY did save the world, shape our foundation,  and may have saved the human race (it was safer than water). To see how all this happened you’ll have to check this out! Perfect for the history buffs.

beer cultureBeer Culture- Another documentary (I’m not saying watch ALL of these, but definitely pick and choose what you want to watch). This one largely focuses on Colorado’s brewing scene. Colorado is 3rd in most breweries per capita but is the home to the Brewers Association, Homebrewers Association, Great American Beer Festival and some of the biggest and most well-known breweries in America. This documentary is just a hour long and is on YouTube, but it’s a fun look at some really awesome breweries and the people that started them.

brewdogsBrewdogs (3 seasons)- Scottish craft brewers Martin Dickie and James Watt of BrewDog  go on a quest to make crazy and very unique beers with some of the nation’s most revered craft brewers (often times in the most bizarre way possible such as under a frozen lake or in the back of a moving race car).  Part travel show, part comedy (they are hilarious), and all beer, this is a great series to get into (even though they grouped Fort Collins in with Denver for the Denver episode….2 great Colorado cities with their very own awesome brew scenes, they could’ve made 2 separate episodes). Despite that minor transgression, it’s one of my favorite shows and next to An Idiot Abroad, it’s probably the 2nd best travel show to watch.

beer geeksBeer Geeks- This is a show I stumbled on late one night on The CW. Only 30 minutes long, Beer Geeks follows BJ Restaurant and Brewery master brewer Michael Ferguson as he travels from brewery to brewery to show a sneak peek behind the scenes of some beloved breweries across the nation.

brewmastersBrewmasters- Sadly, this TV series died after 5 episodes (allegedly due to Big Beer labels threatening to pull advertising from Discovery channel when it aired or bad ratings depending on who to believe between Discovery Channel or Anthony Bourdain who shared a production company with the show).  The short-lived TV show followed DogFish Head owner Sam Calagione as he travel to exotic locations to create some of their very fun ancient ales, or serving up their more common offerings. It was fun while it lasted! Fortunately I believe these are still streaming on Netflix.

Next on PopCultureAsylum’s Beer week,  I’ll announce my 2015  picks for Fall Beers in another Craft on Tap list!