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All Good Things….

Since 2010 or so I’ve ran http://www.popcultureasylum.com largely from a dot-com site but some earlier days from a blogspot site.


I had fun doing it. However my interests started to change over the last decade. In a lot of ways I started the site as my own take on pop culture blogs that I enjoyed reading in college that have long since been defunct.  For a while when I routinely collected comics and followed shows like The Walking Dead the site was my outlet to rant, share excitement and bitch about things.

Keeping a routine update was never my strong suit and the gaps went from 1 month to 2 months between articles and my last article on the site was a farewell to the character of Ash Williams who Bruce Campbell retired after 30 years of portraying earlier this year. That was my sole 2018 entry so with how little I was updating, the added time I’m now spending as a new father and my free time being focused on other hobbies like homebrewing I just didn’t think the cost of hosting a dot com site was justified. So like Ash Williams who I had as the Avatar of popcultureasylum.com since the begining I felt it was time to retire the site as well. In about 10 days this site will fade to dust.

I wasn’t ready to stop writing. I still want to do it. I just didn’t want to pay $100+ each year just to have a home for something I want to write every once in a while. The Pop Culture Asylum name didn’t really reflect my current interests either. I think I chose the name because it was CRAZY and it sounded sort of cool but a few years ago I stopped collecting comics and while I’ve been homebrewing for nearly as long as the site existed my interest heavily increased into that hobby but any beer or brewing articles sort of just felt out of place with the moniker. In a lot of ways the site is sort of early-mid-twenty’s Brad and Dad-Brad isn’t the same person. In the earlier days I’d document trying random things like the KFC Double Down and Four Loko with exaggerated reports or gush over nostalgia after a few drinks. Looking back that’s not really the stuff I’d want to write anymore. But I still want to write. So much like the famous Thanos snap, I turned the old blog and the last 10 years of my entries into dust. I will continue a few things I enjoyed doing on the old site. Year in reviews, homebrew posts (now fitting better with the rebooted name), and travel journals will continue on the new blog found at: https://bradsblogofthings.wordpress.com/


Brad’s Crash Course Guide to Homebrewing

Beer is pretty great. People have been drinking it for centuries, empires were built around it (look it up true story) and if you’re of the age to drink, it’s pretty tasty too! Some fans may enjoy beer enough to want to make some! This is my guide to making beer at home. While there are far, far more qualified resources out there, I’m doing this because it’s an activity I like to do and I have a blog that I haven’t updated since mid-summer. For my pop-culture readers, I’ll talk about Spider-man, 80s/90s nostalgia or Halloween candy soon enough. But for now I wanted to post something new. For those still with me, this is a bit long but future posts will be shorter and to the point. I’ll add fun photos of my dog along the way….So here’s a quick-ish read on how to homebrew:

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