Stranger Things S2 Trailer: 20 Seconds of Hype, Fear and Longing

halloweenStranger things was the breakout show for me last year. It was arguably probably the best part of 2016 as evidenced in my best/worst review of 2016  So it was more than a little exciting to see the SuperBowl ad last night….for the most part. Here’s my 20 second journey

Leggoeggo ” Ohh that’s cool! I guess Eggo is doing a retro commercial this year. We just saw Ghost Spuds Mackenzie so that’s probably a thing this year!”



halloween “Those Ghostbuster costumes are way cooler than the ones I made a few halloweens back. “

elevencaptured Some Eagle-eyed viewer in a forum said this is a year after S1, but is that “Papa!”? He’s no good! This isn’t going to end well.

hopper2 All too quick glance at Hopper with a shovel. Probably doing something bad-ass

drawing Looks like Will is drawing some scary shit.

will 9 out of 10 times scary nightmare storms  are better if you shut the door and just cower under a bed or something Will!

new monster “Holy shit! Will’s drawing is real!!!! (maybe…could be a nightmare) If this is a new Chutulu-esque Spider Monster, the Demogorgon is going to look like a cricket by comparison. Holy hell!!”

dammit “DAMMIT!!!!! I WAS EXPECTING JULY NOT FRIKIN HALLOWEEN!!!!” That’s like 8 months! Being a Venture Brothers fan, I guess I’ve seen longer periods between seasons. I don’t doubt it’ll be awesome once it hits but it’s going to be a long 8 months.

upsidedown “No! That cool little upside down logo isn’t making it better Netflix!!”

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