Secret Wars: 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To

SecretWarsA few weeks ago the Marvel multiverse came to an explosive end. It’s a bit sad and all but now there’s just Battleworld that remains. So long story short: Marvel has lots of universes but really the 2 that are most important is the main universe (called 1610) and the Ultimate Marvel Universe (which the movies borrow a few elements from and sorta was created to create new versions of heroes without decades of continuity getting in the way). Anyway all these universes are dying off due to incursion events and it seems that both the Ultimate Marvel Universe and the 1610 universe figured out how to prolong extinction which more or less involves destroying the other universe’s earth in order to save theirs from another colliding universe. It sorta works for a while until the 1610 universe collides with the Ultimate Universe and they just sorta fight it out and kill each other but then everything just sorta fades to white and now all that remains is a patchwork planet called Battleworld which is made up from all these collided universes.  If you want to know the who, what, where and why there’s like 3 years of comics that you’d have to read. I’m not wanting to do that much homework but that appears to be the gist of what’s happening. Anyway the fun part about this is that everything ended and now a lot of alternate universe stories such as Marvel Zombies, X-men Days of Future Past, Old Man Logan, 1602, Ultimate Marvel and Regular Marvel universes are all co-existing in one place and it’s characters are fighting each other. When the dust settles, Marvel gets to basically reset a little bit and not have to worry about decades of storylines. Plus most likely they can reflect certain properties to better match their cinematic counterparts.

Make no mistake, this is totally a cash-grab but it’s a fun cash-grab and some former storylines are re-visited or rebooted. The only problem is that there’s a ton of tie-ins in addition to the main storyline but fortunately some of them are way too appealing to ignore and stick to the main story and just seems like fun all around. Anyway here’s the 10 things I’m most excited about with this event.


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