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2010 can be viewed as the year fast food joints began the “Great Artery Clogging Race”, which is much like the Space Race, but instead of rockets, they used gross concoctions. The first fast food item that gained attention was the KFC Double Down.       ( More)

Lucha Libre


So one night after work at some point into the wee hours of the morning I was having a few Blue Moons and looking for something to watch. For some reason Lucha Libre popped up in my guide and it seemed like a good idea.


Random Reviews: Four Loko

Posted on December 21, 2010 by Brad

You may be familiar with the name Four Loko. This is an 12% abv, 23oz alcoholic drink that allegedly gives you the effect of drinking 4 beers or glasses of wine or even 4 1/2 shots of vodka, but has enough of an energy kick that’s equal to 3 cups of coffee. Naturally this mix of uppers and downers made the FDA pretty angry and as a result the drink has been banned in several states, with others not wanting to even bother selling it. So naturally, I’ve decided to make Four Loko part of our random reviews.

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