PopCultureAsylum’s Countdown to Halloween Week 2: Re-creating Ecto Cooler

Hey 80s/90s kids! Think of when you were growing up and the cartoon “The Real Ghostbusters” was all the rage. Are you following me so far? Good! Now, think of the action figures, think of the proton pack and the rich kid that had both the Proton pack AND the ghost trap. Don’t think about how you’d like to time travel to dick punch them for being smug, but DO think of all the nostalgia. After playing Ghostbusters, or when it was lunch time do you remember the ultimate drink you HAD to have? If you guessed Ecto Cooler, you win bragging rights…if you said something else; you’re a freak and I assume you have no soul, because there is no other right answer.

Now, time travel to the present. Beer may have replaced Ecto Cooler as your favorite drink, but if you decide to be nostalgic about it, I got bad news for you: Ecto Cooler has been discontinued since 2007 (Slimer himself left in 1997…a full six years after the cartoon was cancelled!) While it may live on with awesome memories, some people really, really miss the hell out of it! Some have launched full scale investigations! However, one group of rabid Ghostbuster fans made what they claim is the perfect clone of the beloved Ecto Cooler.

As part of PopCultureAsylum’s countdown to Halloween (and a motivating tool for me to update this site more frequently), I’ve decided to try to mimic this clone recipe. Here’s how it turned out:


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