PopCultureAsylum.com Turns 1: The “Best-of” Our Inaugural Year

Today marks the 1 year anniversary since this site first launched into the internets and I’ve decided it was so much fun that I re-purchased hosting and renewed the .com name because it’s a helluva lot of fun! Technically, the site was “born” back in April when I bought the name PopcultureAsylum.com, but it took me til late August to do anything with it. So that was a sign of how this will go; “an infrequently updated comedy-writing website about pop culture and other ramblings”. …my habit of infrequent updates have become something of a slogan.

Anyway, now that a year has passed; I wanted to salute a few of my favorite articles thus far, in no particular order, along with some commentary about the said articles. I’ll be back in a few weeks with a travel journal of my 2 week adventure in the UK, I don’t know what will happen or what will be worth writing about but I expect lots of doodles and me being something of an American Version of Karl Pilkington.¬† Until then, thanks for reading!


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