“Sexy” Halloween Costumes That Come Off As Stupid

“Sexy” Halloween Costumes That Come Off As Stupid

With Halloween just a little over a week away, some of you may still be deciding what to go as this year.  Halloween is a great holiday for men as it’s the one day of the year that women can dress slutty and it’s perfectly OK. One of the common trends for women’s costumes is to take something that isn’t necessarily “sexy” and really amp up the sexiness. In the last few years, we’ve seen a few “winners” such as sexy Ghostbusters, sexy Freddy Kruger, and hell, even Pokemon got sexy on us, and it WORKED!! However, for every sexy Pikachu, there’s always a concept of making something not sexy turn sexy that falls flat on it’s face. Here’s a few examples:

Sexy Wookie

While we can agree that being Han Solo & Princess Leia is a great couples costume, (or Luke & Leia, but that brings the whole implied incest thing), you have to give them credit for wanting to change things up a bit. However, there’s a few problems with this one. First of all it looks like she killed a Wookie and decided to wear it like a Viking. Although that sounds pretty badass, it’s very wrong to kill a Wookie. While I show no remorse for killing Ewoks in Star Wars Battlefront, I feel sad when I kill a Wookie in the game. Another problem with this costume is that it takes away all the fun in giving someone a hard time the morning after by saying “Man, Bro I can’t believe you went home with that Wookie!!”.  That used to be a fun and clever dig, but now you can’t say it b/c the Wookie is probably hot and not covered in hair.

Sexy Mr. Potato Head

There is NOTHING at all that makes Mr. Potatohead sexy. Look at this costume: First of all, it looks like those old cheap dollar store costumes that only consited of a jumpsuit with a logo and a cheap mask. Secondly, the location of the mouth on the “potato head” is pretty much located where it would imply that this chick has a talking vagina.  Costume FAIL!

Sexy Chucky???

OK sexy Freddy isn’t really all that bad, but why Chucky? It just doesn’t seem to work, plus the chick in the picture looks CRAZY!!!

Sexy Nemo

Really???? What????

This is really getting dumb fast. Pretty much a mermaid is the only thing oceanic that you can turn sexy, but a fish will not ever be sexy (sorry my aquatic friends).

Also, what part of this makes it a fish? Great movie, horrible costume.

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