5 Years/10 Things

PopCultureAsylum.com Turns 5: Here’s A List of 10 Things Involving 5th Installments! 

Posted on by Brad

5Today marks the 5th year that this blog has been in operation (or $450 later in hosting costs for something I post to like once a month or twice a month if I’m feeling saucy). So to celebrate the 5th year of this “sometimes updated blog on pop culture”, I decided randomly to look at the number 5 as in the fifth installment of movies, games and albums to look at what I consider to be some of the best, worst and meh. The 5th installment of things either was forgettable (Nightmare on Elm Street 5, The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Unnecessary (countless direct to video sequels), horribly awesome (Leprechaun in the Hood), or just as a chance to start fresh (X-men First Class, Batman Begins, Friday the 13th 5 which was literally called “A New Beginning”). So the number 5 is pretty fun to look at. Instead of looking at 5…5s, I just did 10 because if you’ve read this site before you’ll know consistency isn’t gonna happen! Lets take a look!

 harry potterHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- I’m more of a Prisoner of Azkaban sort of guy, but this one at least introduced us to the bitch we all love to hate: Dolores Umbridge. Plus there’s a cool Dumbledore vs Voldemort fight.

black albumMetallica: The Black Album- Much like Spinal Tap, Metallica decided for their 5th (and arguably best) album to put a black logo, black lettering, black background cover out prompting many fans to simply call the self-titled album “The Black Album”. This is the one that introduced “Enter Sandman”, “Nothing Else Matters” and “Wherever I may Roam”.

MK VMortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance- This was a fun Mortal Kombat game, but not having Liu Kang, was a bit difficult…but at least he comes back as a zombie in the next game!

Rocky VRocky V- Most people refer to this as the Rocky that didn’t happen! I like that philosophy.

superman returns Superman Returns- I remember initially liking the movie when I first saw it but later viewings, I noticed a couple of issues. I liked a lot of the casting in the movie and loved Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. However, the whole Superman really being the father to Lois Lane’s child subplot was pretty bad…especially considering that Superman just flies away at the end presumably leaving the kid to fend for himself. So with this movie Superman’s a deadbeat father AND he might have created a future supervillain once that kid hits his teens without being taught how to use his powers responsibly.

only live twiceYou Only Live Twice- For James Bond’s 5th world saving adventure, we see him clashing with Blofield, ninjas and he flies a gyroplane that he assembles out of a few suitcases. This was one of the better Bond films, and probably featured the best evil lair hideout.

Star Trek VStar Trek V- Why does God need a spaceship? If you watch this you might find out! This is the one where they meet “god” which turns out to be an alien impersonating God and he promptly attacks Kirk and friends. While it’s one of the weaker films elements of it inspired one of the best Futurama episodes “Where No Fan Has Gone Before”. Plus Shatner directed it…the movie, not the Futurama episode.

Lost Season 5 Lost Season 5- I’m a die hard Lost fan and this was probably my favorite season. It had really fun trippy time-travel elements, the Dharma Initiative is alive and well, crazy ass Razinski, weasel Phil, the best Jack-Sawyer fist fight, Ben kills Locke, and we got to see Daniel Faraday (whom we named our puppy after) get his power player season; then promptly gets killed off in the worst mother’s day TV special ever…because it aired the right after Mother’s Day and his Mom that he meets in the past accidentally kills him:( It all sounds wacky but it’s legitimately really way way cooler than it sounds…I hate describing it to people but it’s a great show despite how dumb it sounds when being explained the plot.

GTA VGrand Theft Auto V- Has there ever been a better 5th installment of a videogame? This game was/is still a massive hit. It was my first venture back to GTA since Vice City and I was in for a treat. You could swim! You could fly! You got to be multiple people! I was a bit surprised when I realized the game had actual nudity once you brought your guy into a strip club….that was a awkward moment when the wife walked in.

empire strikes backStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back- A bit of a cheat but the best Star Wars is the “5th Star Wars” although it’s technically the second one made. This one introduced Yoda, Lando, and Luke trained to be a Jedi! If we are going to go by in order of movies made the fifth film is “Attack of the Clones”, which introduced Jango Fett, adult Anakin, Mentor Obi-Wan, Fighting Mace Windu, and Fighting Yoda….it also had some dumb love dialogue so it was pretty “meh” with some fun parts.

Thanks for reading and putting up with my infrequent updates over the last 5 years! If you have better 5th installments that should’ve been featured; please sound of