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8 Monsters That I’d Like To See Updated In The Gritty New Power Rangers Movie


Posted on by Brad

Growing up in the late 80s and early 90s I was at the right age when Power Rangers first arrived on TV.  It was a great show and had a lot to offer: fighting, monsters, giant robots, developing a crush on Amy Jo Johnson (100% why I watched the Disney Movie Suzy Q)…you know…the usual!

Now that the Power Rangers are returning in a gritty movie, we’ll be back to seeing the Putty Patrol, Rita Repulsa and Goldar wreck havoc soon enough! To be fair, the Power Rangers haven’t gone anywhere because they milked that cash cow for the better part of 2 decades but nothing came quite as iconic as the original run.

While the new movie will return to the fun days of the Dino-Zords and Zordon, it does look like it’s gone in the gritty direction.  The Rangers look quite Iron-Man-esque, Rita trades her silly hat for a more sultry look, and we’ve only heard whispers of Zordon or Alpha 5.  Since Pacific Rim released, many fans wanted to see a Power Rangers movie along the same tone and that appears to be the case with the new trailer. So come next year we’ll see what a more serious Power Ranger movie looks like this side of Ivan Ooze.

While details have been scarce about the movie, we still don’t know who or what the giant monster will be. There must be a giant monster to prompt the MegaZord to throw down so I thought it’d be fun to list a few monsters I’d like to see get updated and put on the big screen. (While I am a geek about things, I barely remember any of the monsters, let alone their names so Googling things like “Power Ranger Pig Monster” or “Power Ranger Fish Monster” became my “research” for this). Anyway here’s who I’d like to see them brawl against.


Pudgy-Pig-  This was one of the standout monsters for me. Maybe it was his cool Roman helmet. Maybe it was his hands coming out of his mouth. Or maybe it was how he looked like a pig version of M.O.D.O.K. from X-men . Either way, I liked this pig monster.

pumpkin-rapperPumpkin Rapper- Yes this episode is the source of a fun GIF about it being pumpkin spice latte season BUT imagine a dark reboot where he can actually swear in his raps.  Just the prospect of him calling the Rangers “the mother-fuckin’ Power Rangers” or saying “I’m gonna light these bitches up” is making him my favorite on this list.

hopadilloHopadilla– Yeah this isn’t a real Power Ranger monster but he’s the mascot of Karbach brewing’s Hopadilla IPA and he was briefly my BFF at Great American Beer Fest. Just trying to use my D-List blogger status to get him suggested for the next movie.

pirantisheadPirantishead- Another fun monster. He’s known for his fish nunchucks that he can also play as a flute (they’ll probably want to change that for a movie because it sounds kinda dumb writing it down).  He’s best known for destroying the DinoZords so I disliked him quite a bit…but in a good way like how I dislike Joffery on Game of Thrones.   He can be pretty scary with an updated look.

robogoatRobogoat- Remember Black Phillip in The Witch? Ride that scary goat train!

oysterizerOysterizer-  Probably the one monster design that looked like the Rangers were fighting a giant vagina. Perfect for a gritty rebooted monster to have the team fight and to keep in the spirit of 90s kids shows that tried to slip a few things past the censors.

terrortoadTerror Toad- He eats them! That’ll really be some dark shit in the sequel! A terror frog sounds really fun and can present a good foe for the “Teenagers with Attitude”…especially if he can cut that attitude down by eating them

zeddLord Zedd- Actually they could do very little to change Lord Zedd and he would still be amazing! He was really scary looking in the show and a barely updated version will still do nicely with the new movie’s tone. I think he’s a shoe-in for a sequel along with the Green Ranger (Who I hope shows up at the end of the movie as a jerk kid named Tommy)

Despite who the Rangers ultimately end up facing, fans won’t have to wait too long because Power Rangers will morph into theaters on March 24th