Real 2015 vs Back to the Future

The Future That 2015 Didn’t Deliver: A Comparison of Our 2015 to Back to The Future 2’s Version

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Posted on by Brad

Chin up McFly!  So it turns out that 2015 isn’t like the one visited in Back to the Future 2, and to make things sadder, we don’t even have the Ride anymore. With the day Marty visits the future finally passing, people excitedly celebrated Back to the Future Day last week and all demanded their long awaited Hoverboards and Pepsi Perfects (the latter did become available but a lot of nerds were sad when a glitch had them sell out early) and the Jaws franchise is still 15 movies behind. Honestly, we had a lot of cool things to look forward to. I totally feel ya! The film did predict a few things perfectly and others not so much, but there are a few things that we can compare the other 2015 to with our 2015 to see which one is better! Here we Go!!

hoverboards“Hoverboards”- It turns out that our “Hoverboards” aren’t the ones Marty famously rode to evade Griff’s gang in that other 2015, but it does make douchebags more mobile! Point goes to Back to the Future 2015. Score 1-0.

back to the future phonePhones- In both 2015s, our phones have video capability. In our 2015 our phonses allow us to keep in touch with all our old friends and family members without actually having to talk to them, we can send people emoji’s (now there’s a taco one!!!), get our daily news through Reddit, Facebook or Twitter, and share photos of our food and cats! With FaceTime, it’s pretty similar to that which the McFlys use in 2015…just no fax to express to people how pissed off we are at them (there’s a few emojis that serve that purpose just fine)  Save a tree bro! Point goes to Real 2015. Score 1-1

gizmoCool Gizmos- Back to the Future 2015 had some fun gizmos like fingerprint door entryways, weird upside down elderly man hangers, descending fruit trays, but it also had a self-dog walker which is not very fair for the dogs if you think about it. On our end we have Bluetooth speakers, DVRs, our aforementioned phones, Nest thermostats, electronic readers, Go-Pros…The list goes on . Point goes to Real 2015. Score 1-2

back to the future pizzaFood- No hydrating pizzas in our 2015 but we have bagel bites and the glorious fattening county fair food concoctions. Then again we have dumb stuff like Whole Foods selling Asparagus water.  We didn’t see a total look at the delicacies in Back to the Future 2015 (I really wish Marty visited the Hill Valley County Fair), but if we’re just going off pizza, I really prefer to make mine from scratch personally. Since it’s not a fair contest based on the assumption there’s potentially cooler food elsewhere I’m giving this one a draw. Score remains 1-2.

back to the future fashionFashion- We do not wear weird plastic colander-like hats, double ties, self-drying jackets or auto lace shoes but we have magical 3 wolf moon shirts! Point Real 2015. Score 1-3

back to the future cubsCubs Winning!- This one ALMOST came true to an extent. It’s still sadly a fun bar trivia factoid that the last time that the Cubs won a World Series the Ottoman Empire was still around. This should’ve been the year. I’m not a baseball fan at all but I’m giving it to Back to the Future 2015. Score 2-3

jaws 19Movies- We didn’t get 19 Jaws movies, but we got about that many superhero movies, James Bond is ongoing, and movies based on single books are being split into 2-3 movies! While we still have annoying 3D movies, I would much rather see Deadpool than a 19th Jaws movie. Point Real 2015. Score 2-4

back to the future droneDrones- Back to the Future had newspaper drones taking photos of events. Our Drones sound like annoying bumblebees but do give us a wealth of great videos of animals knocking them out of the sky. Point Back to the Future 2015. Score 3-4

flying carsCars- I’m actually OK with no flying cars. Mostly, because bad drivers on land are straight up terrifying if they were flying instead.  We do have some self driving cars but they still try to wreck and some might try to make moral life and death decisions for you. Also we have clean non-fuel burning cars, but they’re really expensive.  But at the end of the day I feel safer on the ground and not having to require a pilot’s license in addition to a driver’s license. Point Real 2015. Score 3-5.

Looks like our 2015 wins!!!! I will admit, Back to the Future 2015 is a little cooler looking with Hoverboards, but I think we got the better end of the deal in the end. I mean c’mon we’re seeing a Deadpool movie, a very promising Star Wars sequel, eventual Mars Missions on the horizon…things are looking pretty awesome in the years to come!