Halloween Costumes for 2012

PopCultureAsylum‘s Guide To Halloween Costumes 2012

Posted on October 24, 2012 by Brad

Like last year, Halloween falls on a weekday, so what that means to us working guys and girls is that most of the shenagins will happen this weekend. If you don’t know what you want to be this year yet; fear not! Here’s a few tips that will help you out. You can also check out last year’s suggestions if none of these really sell you.

Costumes That Require A Bit of Work:

OK, it’s basically going down to the wire, but you’re a crafty person and a looming deadline isn’t going to phase you at all. Here’s some that may require a bit of work or going out to buy stuff for, but it will pay off:

The “Restored” Jesus Painting- OK time for a news refresher: Remember a few months ago when a elderly lady’s well meaning intentions went hilariously wrong? So will everyone else if you dress as this! This one will require some skill, I’m thinking a Jesus costume and 2 afro wigs (one for the head and one for the beard) and a derpy expression but if one guy can do it…maybe you can too!

Banes Of All Kinds- Much like how every  2 in 4 guys dressed as The Joker when The Dark Knight came out, I’m predicting we’ll see a variety of “Banes” even though Dark Knight Rises didn’t quite leave as much of a mark as it’s predecessor. I don’t think we’ll be peppered with as many Banes as we were Jokers due to the Avengers releasing and those costumes being readily available. However, I still think a fair amount will be out there. What you probably won’t see a lot of, is people that look the part. I anticipate Banes with hair, skinny Banes, bearded Banes and fat Banes. But I say if you spent the last few months working on the “Bane Voice” ; why not?

Dr. Manhattan-All you need is either a black thong/boyshorts or a black suit, a bald cap and blue facepaint to pull this off. Within moments you are the equivalent of Superman in the Watchmen universe. Fair warning, you’re probably better off as suit version of Dr. Manhattan….please don’t paint your dong blue for this; you WILL be kicked out and/or arrested.

Mayan With a “The End Is Near” sign- To be the harbinger of our impending doom in 2ish months (aka the buzzkill of the night) just don a Mayan costume and make a cardboard “The End is Near” sign.

Zombie Newsweek- Speaking of endings, Newsweek as we know it is going to go away from print edition. It appears most of us knows how the internet works and can read news stories the night they happen instead of waiting a full week later. To pull this off make a giant cardboard Newsweek cover with your zombied up face!

The Political Commentary Costume- There’s many ways to go about this: a binder of women, a Obama that looks like he can use some coffee, crazy Clint Eastwood with a empty chair, a Paul Ryan in oversized suits, or unemployed Big Bird (bright side to this is you can probably hook up with a girl that managed to buy a “sexy” big bird costume before they were asked by Sesame Street to be pulled from shelves). If politics is your thing, go for it!

Someone from The Hunger Games- Sure you can wear boots and carry around a bow and be Katniss Everdeen and guys can just get the contestant suits to pull off Peeta, but if you really wanna go for wows you should go as Effie Trinket (girls) or if you’re a guy you should either shave or get artsy with a sharpie and be Seneca Crane (go big or go home on that fabulous beard) if beards aren’t your thing there’s always Caesar Flickman (blue wig, ponytail, suit, microphone and a cheesy grin).

Easier/Last Minute

OK lets be honest: If you are reading this, you probably aren’t going to spend a lot of time making a costume. So here’s some easier ideas:

Jurassic Park Characters– I actually came up with this for Zombie Crawl Denver and didn’t get to use it, but it’s so easy and simple I’ll pass it along: All you need is khaki pants, a blue button up shirt, a red bandana around the neck and a white cowboy hat. Bam! You are Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park. Bonus points if you buy a road flare, but some jackass may set it off so you’re safer making a fake one. Supreme bonus point if you have a girl wear a purple undershirt and pink button up to be Dr. Sattler, or have someone in all black stuttering about life finding a way to be Dr. Ian Malcom, or someone with a fake white beard and all white suit (white pants/button up shirt) and cane can be John Hammond. Before you know it you will have yourself an entourage! I’m trying to weasel this form of cosplay into next Halloween or dress up in costumes event.

McKayla Maroony- London 2012 has come and gone but with all the Olympic moments, there was one that caught the internet by storm: Makayla Marony’s not impressed. Just dress as a gymnast, wear a silver medal and keep your face in a very unimpressed expression all night. Speaking of Memes….

The Ermahgerd Girl- Simply just style your hair into pigtails and raid the closest thrift store for some 90s wear and a few copies of Goosebumps books. Be sure to make that face! Alternatively you can always go as Overly Attached Girlfriend and just say creepy things all night.

Rick and Lori Grimes from The Walking Dead: This is pretty easy to pull off: For Rick all you need is a brown short sleeve button shirt, a cowboy hat and a Sheriff’s badge. For Lori, all you need is a flannel shirt, be brunette and go around asking where Carl is…because you’re a shitty mom.

A Spin on the Lazy Clark Kent: So you know for this all you need is a suit and one of those Superman T-shirts. Just wear the T-shirt as an undershirt and leave a few buttons unbuttoned so the joke is respected. But in all fairness, this one is a bit overdone and stale but you can find a Spider-man print shirt and pull off the same trick. It’s the same joke, but freshened up!

Alright! That’s it for another Halloween Costume column. Have a fun Halloween!

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