2012 Summer Olympics

PopCultureAsylum.com’s Favorite Moments of The 2012 Olympic Games

Posted on August 13, 2012 by Brad

Friends: sadly the Olympic flames have been extinguished and another 4 year wait has begun until the next Summer Olympic games. Since visiting London last fall (Travel Journal here), I’ve been pretty pumped for this year’s games after seeing various parts of London getting ready for the Olympics.

Another Olympics is now behind us and while we get over our Olympic fever, I wanted to take one last look at the Olympic Games. Here are PopCultureAsylum.com’s favorite moments of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games:

Best.Olympic.Celebration.Ever- After winning the gold in Discus German athlete Robert Harting didn’t cry on the podium. Instead, he celebrated by doing the following:

–          Ripping his shirt Hulk Hogan Style

–          Jumping into the crowd to celebrate with his countrymen

–          Grabbing a German flag and jumping hurdles

–          Trying to “liberate” one of the Olympic Cauldrons

–          Having a drunken party on a boat

–          Passing out on the tube

–          Getting his Olympic credentials stolen

The bar has definitely been set for future Olympic celebrations!

CHEATING!!…..In Badminton??? – No Olympics would be complete without accusations of doping, gender questions or accusations of cheating. But maybe one of the biggest scandal of the 2012 games: Cheating in Badminton!? 8 athletes were disqualified after they were ruled to be doing a half-ass job of competing in order to get a more favorable slot. But really did anyone really see this as a sport outside of a lawn game? Come to think of it, I don’t think I see badminton stuff in the sporting goods section anymore. It’s totally been replaced by Corn Hole….I still think this game sounds like anal rape by the way.

Oscar Pistorius! F*ck Yeah!- I jumped on the Pistorius train and I enjoyed it. For those not watching; South African Track Star Oscar Pistorius is a double-amputee, who joined the games making a historic debut. Of course it didn’t come without controversy; but rather than let critics get to him, he ended up running in the semi-final for the 400 and the final in the 4 X 400 relay!

End of an Era- 2012 saw the alleged final Olympics of beloved Team USA athletes Michael Phelps and Misty May-Treanor who have been household names over the last 3 Olympic Games. The definitely didn’t leave quietly: Phelps became the most decorated Olympic Athlete of all time with 22 medals (18 of which are gold) and Misty May-Treanor left beach volleyball as one-half of the most successful Olympic Beach Volleyball team with 3 consecutive Gold Medals from Athens, Beijing and London.

These Mini-Mini Coopers- These small(er) versions of the Mini Cooper delivered items for the trowing events (Discus, Hammer, Javelins)These were awesome!

Mr. Bean!!!- Arguably the best part of the opening ceremony! Mr. Bean is stuck playing the most boring note of “Chariots of Fire” and then daydreams about beating everyone in an epic beach race!

007 Meets The Queen- The first half of this was incredible; we got to see Queen Elizabeth get escorted to the Opening Ceremony by the UK’s top spy James Bond (seeing him come in the room with the royal Corgis were awesome!!) It was a very surreal thing to see…then they “skydived”.  The skydiving sorta made it go from cool to stupid, but it was still pretty fun!

Those bad-ass camera Angles during Diving- This might be the first year that I watched diving on purpose. I thank those cool camera shots following all the way INTO the water, which I’d expect from a Tarantino movie rather than a sporting events had something to do with it.

A Guy Named Dong Dong Won Gold!- Dong Dong from China won gold and made everyone bring out their inner middle-schooler on social networks

Saudi Women make their debut- They got destroyed in every event but it’s a step in the right direction.

Gabby Douglas Wins Gold; Gets Called Unpatriotic By Fox News- Teenager athlete Gabby Douglas became the first black woman to win in Gymnastics All Around competition. Fox News criticized her for wearing a hot pink outfit rather than something red white and blue…but it’s OK Steven Colbert gave them the best smackdown conceivable.

This Unfortunate Victory Photo- It’s the pleats in the pants!….or he’s just happy to have Gold.I’m not pointing it out to you, but when you see it….

This Happened in Basketball- I haven’t really watched Olympic basketball since I was around during the 1992 Dream Team and saw it in it’s prime. Plus, I’m still kinda bitter about the Miami Heat winning this past season, so I didn’t want to see Lebron on TV for a few more months. But I did see this online and OUCH!!! I bet this was a “T”.

McKayla Marony Is Not Happy With Silver– This may have been the biggest meme to come out of the games. Olympic Divers on toilets was funny, but this is spreading like wildfire on the Internets.

Too bad she’ll be remembered for this and not doing a badass vault..

Well that does it until 2016. However the 2014 Winter Games will probably have some crazy Russian goodness to hold us over until we see someone samba their way to light the torch in Rio… hopefully some crazy shenanigans like this:

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