10 Reasons Why Taco Bueno Needs To Come To Denver: A Buenohead’s Open Plea

10 Reasons Why Taco Bueno Needs To Come To Denver: A Buenohead’s Open Plea

(2015 Update: It’s happening!!…In Colorado Springs. It’s a hour away but I’ll take it!)


Tonight I had a revelation, but unlike a normal, inspired “a-ha” moment; this is a thought I’ve expressed periodically…. but tonight I realize how serious I am when I say this: Denver, Colorado needs a Taco Bueno location! Badly!!!

Growing up around and spending my college years in Abilene, Texas I’ve had unlimited access to Taco Bueno. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary when I’d have it for dinner twice a week….sometimes I’d have it nearly  every day! No dear reader, it’s not sick, it’s awesome and a testament of how awesome Taco Bueno is!

However, since then I’ve moved to Denver. Personally, I couldn’t ask for a better place to live; I get easy access to mountains, perfect temperature summers, green grass, and I’m living in the epicenter of the craft beer movement (there’s a new brewery/taproom/brewpub seemingly every 2-3 months). So in short: I love it here and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon! But there is one problem….There’s no Taco Bueno!!

In fact, the closest Taco Bueno is a 6 hour drive to Albuquerque, New Mexico and there’s a few locations in Kansas as well, but the drive isn’t any shorter. Due to this, I only get Bueno when I go home to see my Family in Abilene (I always request we make a B-line for Bueno before any hugs are shared) Seeing that I don’t have the  1.5 million net worth nor the $35,000 for franchising (I’ve looked into it quite often) I decided to just see if any rich people read this and do me a solid and get one going over here.

To further make my plea more pathetic…er…um “Reasonable” Here’s 10 reasons why Taco Bueno would be awesome for Denver:

1.) People Need Muchacos!!- We just got Taco Bell over here and it’s not even close to the awesomeness of Bueno… and don’t get me started on Del Taco (they have fries served with tacos WTF??), the people of the Mile High City needs to share the joy that a Muchaco can bring them. They don’t know what a Muchaco tastes like and we need to remedy that!!  In desperation, I tried to make one at home…it tasted like it looked; a wannabe that didn’t fill the void (kinda like a garage band that wants to be Metallica without learning how to play)

You Know You Want To Eat This Denver

2.) The Silver Lining To Having More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Than Starbucks Locations- Yes, that’s an actual true statement, and I’m not certainly advocating pot or anything, but think of this: people “medicating themselves” will get munchies, I don’t even smoke the stuff and I know how easy it is to get “munchies for muchacos”. You will be gold! Oh man they will eat so many Muchacos, you’ll pay for like 3 of your locations in a week!!!

3.) Oh The Places You Can Put Bueno!- Boulder has a thriving college population, as does Fort Collins and Denver. College students know that combo number 5 (Muchaco, burrito and taco) is a helluva bargain for great fast food and a 99 cent party taco or party burrito is great if they are feeling extra hungry. In addition, Denver boasts tons of visitors on a daily basis that can and will eat Bueno and there’s lots of places to stick one in or around Denver. Places such as: the 16th street mall (Maybe Afro-Robot-Guy would like some Bueno), Lodo, Aurora, Lakewood, Littleton, take your pick, there’s lots of places Bueno would be a welcome addition to.

These people want a Muchaco

4.) I Can And Will Stop In Multiple Times- You can seriously live off of combo #5, if I had any say in the matter, I totally would. Plus I’m pretty influential, I’ll bring my peeps and their friends, and their friends and so on! It’s a domino effect of revenue as I convert people into “Buenoheads”

5.) The Strange Case of Casa Bonita- I didn’t realize 2 things til I moved here: First, Casa Bonita is a real place and second, it also was created by the same ACU grad that started Taco Bueno. We owe Mr Waugh a debt of gratitude for making a kick-ass Mexican fast food chain with Taco Bueno. I’m just perplexed as to why he didn’t just open a Bueno when he started Casa Bonita here in Denver!!! Denver friends, don’t worry the difference is astromical between the two places; Casa Bonita’s not so-secret is that although it is funny because of that South Park Episode, the food is in fact, pretty disgusting; Bueno on the other hand is Heaven on a meat/beans/cheese food item, not even the same ballpark or the same sport for that matter…gotta trust me Coloradans, I know what the hell I’m talking about! I just wanted to point out a factoid with this and say they maybe-kinda-should-have started a Bueno out here too. Plus, there’s been both a King of the Hill and Kim Possible cartoon make a Bueno reference, so like Casa Bonita’s South Park Episode, Bueno too has a bit of pop culture influence.

6.) Beer + Muchacos= A Delicious Reason To Franchise In Denver- As I stated earlier, Denver is at the epicenter of the craft beer movement. There’s more breweries than I can count and I guarantee you that if I even listed all the ones currently open, 2 or more will spring up by the time you read this list. Denverites love their beer (We are, after all ,the home of the Great American Beer Festival!), and when people drink beer they want something to go with it or to eat after brewery hopping (like bar-hopping but you drink really good craft beer instead from the teat it’s brewed from) . I know Bueno hits the spot much, much, much better than anything else out in this area. We’re talking an entire city of people that too will know this fact if one was to open here. In fact I just polished off a Great Divide Expresso Yeti and feel like Eating Bueno despite being past “bedtime” for me….that would be some late night cash money from me guys….y’know if you were located here!

7.) In-Sport Promotions- I’m going to be realistic and say The Rockies/Avalanche/Nuggets/Broncos probably get a sweet check from Taco Bell to have some free taco tie-ins. Bueno hasn’t reached that size, I understand, whatever I’m not going to fight about it. But what about doing some tie-in promo with some of the Minor League franchises in this state as well as some of the non “Big 4 Sports” such as the Colorado Eagles hockey team in Loveland, The Colorado Mammoth (lacross), Colorado Rapids (Soccer), or any of the various college teams? One you get awesome publicity and two, it makes sports fans crave Bueno! Bueno would be a great place to celebrate a victory or mumble about a defeat at!

8.) Oooo that Salsa- The people of Colorado only has fast food salsa that comes in packets with quasi-witty/often times stupid quotes printed on them. But can you imagine how much people will enjoy that restaurant quality salsa at a fast food place? It’ll be the talk of the town…… until Tebow starts playing again!

Pure deliciousness, no stupid comments on packet needed

9.) Bueno Choice Menu Will Be Warmly Welcomed- Colorado was rated the fittest state in the US a few years ago, it may still hold this title but I’m too lazy to look it up (edit: it totally still is). I believe this is due to the availability of outdoor activities like hiking, biking and rafting…..and those snobby hippie types that want everything to be organic or Gluten free. But it’s OK because there’s the Bueno. Choice Menu!! Although I haven’t defected from my usual combo number 5, I have faith this will be healthy food that doesn’t suck. If i could have a low calorie meal that didn’t taste like ass, I’d totally be at Bueno 24/7.

10.) Look At The Effect It Had On Me!- I am just a 27 year old guy that moved to the “Land With No Bueno” that occasionally writes on a blog and I know how awesome Bueno can be! (I made 10 reasons to come here just randomly!) Can you imagine influencing a town of 640,000 people? That’s a helluva lot of Muchacos! And that’s a helluva lot of potential “Buenoheads”! Coloradans love their Mexican food too! (Chipotle was started down the street from me!) so a kick-ass fast food chain will be a very welcome addition to the Mile High State….put it wherever, I’ll go to it!

So in closing, I would like to ask that you, or some rich awesome living saint of a person with some money, make my stomach’s dream come true and give the Mile High City both the Muchacos it needs and deserves!

Your ever-faithful Buenohead,


4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Taco Bueno Needs To Come To Denver: A Buenohead’s Open Plea”

  1. There used to be five Buenos in Denver metro.
    I worked at one in 1982. On west Colfax between casa Bonita and Sheridan.

    they all went broke. I still think about the food and wish someone would open one.

  2. Just had my first Colorado Taco Bueno today and I am about as happy as a person can be. My family and I made the journey from up north for lunch. We will be making trip a regular part of our lives from now on. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for coming to Colorado. It was one of the things we were missing from Texas. However, not enough to leave Colorado.

  3. Brad,

    Yes, Taco Bueno spawned from Casa Bonita, but the one which was in Tulsa, OK. The first Taco Bueno That opened in Oklahoma, was about 2 blocks from the Tulsa Casa Bonita.

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