5 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For 2011

5 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For 2011

Posted on October 27, 2011 by Brad

So it’s Friday, Halloween falls on a Monday, so with the weekend parties, you have even LESS time now to plan out what to wear this year! But the problem is you are not creative, your friends keep urging you to dress up for a change, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Worry not, I am here to help you pick out a costume! (I’m generous like that!)Here’s 5 very last minute but good costumes.

Here we go:

Option 1: Mayhem

Who? The wonderfully creepy guy from the Allstate commercials.

How? A dirty suit and band-aid (black “mayhem as a raccoon” eye makeup or “Mayhem as a hot chick” sweatbands and weights optional)

Why? Why not?Mayhem is f*cking awesome…there’s no reason not to dress like him!

Option 2: Qwikster

What? The short-lived “company” Netflix was planning to name the DVD services

How? Dress like a Netflix envelope, but with a stupid name (bonus points if you go as “zombie Qwikster”…not sure how you’d work that out, but get creative; I’m not going to do everything for you).

Why? Qwikster was a stupid idea and it deserves to be lampooned as a costume

Option 3-??? An Internet Meme

What? Even if you don’t know what a meme is, you’ve seen them (Keyboard cat, Scumbag Steve, Trollfaces, Hipster Little Mermaid, Hot chick with Steve Buschemi Eyes, Honeybadgers..ect)

How? Go online….the rest will come to you.

Why? Everyone screws around online hours upon end so it’ll be funny when people “get” your suit, but sad they spend too much time on the internet. On that note I strongly convinced my “I don’t like to dress up for Halloween” brother to be Tourette’s guy…he obliged:

Option 4: Zombie Celebrity

What? A dead celebrity….zombified

How? Dress like your favorite dead celebrity and throw some zombie makeup on. Bam! Zombie! (Look at me with Zombie Macho Man there, that’s a brilliant costume!)

Why? Zombies are so hot right now, way more cooler than stupid brooding sparkling vampires and if you want to, you can be topical by being one that died this year (ie: Amy Winehouse, Macho Man, Steve Jobs…..careful about the Jobs thing, people were acting as if their father passed so they may not laugh)

Option 5: Occupy (Insert City Name Here) Protestor

What? If you watched the news, you’ll know what this is….

Why? It’s topical.

How? Just wear what you did at the protests! People will think it’s a costume, the next day you can go back to protest in the same outfit.

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