Memory Lane 2: Pop Culture Boogaloo

Last week I decided to make what is probably the pop culturiest article to date for this site/blog with a look back at stuff from childhood. It was meant to be a photographic journey down memory lane, but for some reason I couldn’t stop talking about everything I posted a picture of and it sort of became a big pop-culture filled rant entry!!! So I decided that I am now doing part II in a yet-to-be-determined-but-possibly-endless photographic journey through childhood! Same rules as before: I must have 3 drinks (this time some of my home-brewed Irish porter!) and go on a rant about stuff that was cool when I was a kid. Like before, I’ll wait til the next morning to post it to weed out grammatical errors, and probably think of things WAY better than the selections I’ve made, but I’ll be forbidden to include anything else b/c that’s how it works. So here’s part 2 of our trip down memory lane

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