Random Reviews: Lucha Libre

So one night after work at some point into the wee hours of the morning I was having a few Blue Moons and looking for something to watch. For some reason Lucha Libre popped up in my guide and it seemed like a good idea.

I haven't learned a single phrase of Spanish since freshman year in High School as I did not take any foreign language classes in College. Somehow, I was able to BS my way around Cancun but really everyone there seems to know Spainglish anyhow. However, this I didn't understand a single word of and for some reason I decided that since I like to review things, I might as well do a completely random review every once in a while. So here's what happened that night as best as I can tell:


Yay it is starting!


First Match was a few tag-teams I didn't care about. The second had a segment where oddly enough 2 of the girls spoke English but masked-girl does not, but they seemed to carry on a great conversation. They apparently went shopping and were chit-chatting about shoes or some crap...


Their opponents were these Indian girls...which being Mexico, why would they not be Aztecs? Aztecs are brutal and bad-ass and rip people's hearts out, kinda like Kano in Mortal Kobat, but with more flair. Missed gimick opportunity!


Next Segment: This guy reads a contract to Skeleton guy. Skeleton Guy doesn't really seem to want to hear it.


Skelton guy #2 comes and tells Skeleton Guy #1 that he is cooler b/c of his stylish purple hood which makes him even more FABULOUS!! They proceed to have a long arguement over who can rock the skeleton suit better. Skeleton #1 says that making the rib-cage into a panther skull is really bad-ass. Skeleton #2 says that the classic look goes better but if you want to "wow" the crowd you need to rock a purple hood.


A few words were said as well as a fist being thrown and La Policia got involved and arrested Skelton Guy #2. Fashion never gets a break apparently.

double pin

Next Match: Six Man Tag Team. Nothing really cool until some random referee got involved. He and the real ref got into a fight and then two members from the opposing teams pinned at the same time so naturally both refs decided to count and we got a tie....I need more alchohol if I'm going to make it through the rest of this show.


Yeah this guy looks pretty wasted. Suddenly, the show is getting better.


Drunk guy is now going to fight some masked man in his underwear in a really flemsy cage...the show is definitely getting better.

camera guy

Wrestling may be fake, but I'm pretty sure that they really do get slammed into that flemsy as hell cage and this guy is just asking for a broken neck...I decided this show rules at this point.


Next Match: Zorro decides to fight....and apparently, Zorro ditched the all black look for a more stylish hot dog inspired red and yellow outfit...apparently he and Skeleton Guy #2 went shopping together.


YES!!! This my friends is why you don't *&%# with the Zorro!!!


That's pretty much the end of the show, I didn't snap a pic of it, but Skeleton Guy #2 apparently escaped from the cops and made a grand appearence to once again talk trash to Skelton Guy #1. End of Show.


Overall, this was a fun waste of 2 hours and having a few during it made it even better.

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