Jurassic Park Week Day 4: A Stroll Down Memory Lane A.K.A. The Day I Got To Meet The Dinosaurs From Jurassic Park

In my time I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff but nothing quite beats the time that a traveling exhibit of Jurassic Park hit my home state of Texas. The year was 1994, the movie was still very much fresh in everyone’s minds and it was finally released on home video where it would be watched over and over again by fanatics like myself. So naturally when “The Dinosaurs of Jurassic Park” came to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, I had probably my biggest fanatic freakouts ever. Everything leading up to it was cool, especially skipping school to go see it!! It did turn out that was class photo day and my year book labeled me as “not pictured” in my 4th grade class photo, but when it came to choosing between a dorky group photo or seeing dinosaurs, I think the dinosaurs were a much cooler choice.

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