PopCultureAsylum.com 2.0 is in progress

Pop Culture Asylum is in a state of redesign as I move the page over from my cut from scratch page over to wordpress. Here’s some things to expect from popcultureasylum.com 2.0

*RSS Friendly!!!!- Several people have been asking whether or not the site is RSS capable, it wasn’t but once this gets rolling RSS will be available for those of you wanting to have that option.

*Better Layout- I mean I like the simple design of the old site, but really coding is a pain and this will make things happen quicker.

*Better Comments section- Few posts had comments available, but now this will make comments uniform and easier to manage.

*New columns- We’re taking out the boring sections like “It came from the internets” and putting in more retrospective reviews, and special one-shot posts, coming soon we’ll also have a few surprises.

So hopefully this will be up and going by week’s end. In the meantime visit us at the old site or become a fan on facebook

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