Going Beyond Evil Spock: Listing My Favorite Alternate Universe/Alternate History Stories

Parallel universesOne of my favorite tropes in fiction is that of the existence of an Alternate Universe/Alternate History. With real and mind-blowing scientific theories suggesting that there’s an infinitive amount of alternate and parallel universes that mirror our own; it leads to many “what if” questions and scenarios and naturally, those “what-if’s” can make for great story telling. These stories range from Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Sound of Thunder” in which a hunter goes back in time to kill a T-rex but alters the universe by accidentally stepping on a butterfly to Stewie and Brian’s multiverse traveling adventures  in Family Guy. It’s fair to say that the concept of Alternate Universes and Histories has made its impact on pop culture. Spurning from a recent small talk conversation at work with a few co-workers, I thought it’d be fun to list some of my personal favorite alternate universe/history stories found within comics, TV shows and movies (in no particular order):(READ MORE)

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