First Spidey-In-Costume Pic: First Impressions

So the first image of Andrew Garfield in his new Spider-man duds came out.  Here’s a few things that really jumped out at me upon viewing the picture:

1. Notice the spider emblem: The claw marks really jump out at me, Looks like Spidey is going to have a nice fight against The Lizard.
2. The weird flame-like design by the wrists.

3. Apparently he’ll be having wrist shooters (imo, a 19 year old developing a sticky compound tough enough support the weight of cars, people, helicopters, ect is complete BS, loved the organic shooters more)

I don’t know maybe I’m still anti-reboot b/c I’d rather see John Malkovich as The Vulture, Bruce Campbell as hopefully Mysterio, and I’d be seeing Spidey maybe this year had they not started over from scratch and got rid of Sam Raimi (the guy’s done enough good and 3 was the result of the studio telling him what to do), but this is a pretty decent cool picture. It may surprise me.

What do you guys think? Comment below

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