6 Alien Races That I Hope Are *NOT* In Star Trek 2

6 Alien Races That I Hope Are *NOT* In Star Trek 2

Posted on June 22, 2011 by Brad

Star Trek 2 is expected to hit theaters late next year and I for one am really pumped about taking another cinematic ride aboard the USS Enterprise. However, having given us a pretty good movie with Romulans, there’s been a lot of speculation over who Kirk & Spock will face off against in the next film. Rumors have been that Kaaaaaahhnnn!! or Klingons will be the next baddie. For me personally, I’m hoping we see some Klingon action solely after seeing the deleted scenes from the last movie (which sorta explains what Nero’s been doing for 22 years! Plus i kinda like the helmets), but whatever J.J. Abrams does, I hope he doesn’t include the following alien races in the next movie:

The Catullans– Better known as “Space Hippies” , because that’s exactly what they are! This may have been the most annoying alien race that Kirk & company met in their adventures. I hope that these guys were the last of their species because they all thankfully died or got injured at the end of “This way to Eden” by eating poisonous fruit or walking barefoot on acidic plants. If these guys pop up I’m sure I won’t be the only “Herbert” in the theater (aka what they called Kirk for being too much of a square).

Tribbles- I like Tribbles and all, but I don’t think we should have 2 hours of our time with Kirk & Spock dealing with ever multiplying fuzz balls. I am pretty old school because I like my bad guys to have opposable thumbs and laser guns!

The Ferengi- The greedy merchant alien race of the later Star Trek series is probably best left as a comical small part if anything. I can maybe see them creating an inconvenience, but they’re pretty far from threatening.

The Gorn- Sure they look scary, but slow, hissing monsters kinda don’t do it for us these days (I for some reason, remember being legitimately freaked out when I watched it as a small kid….now I’ve come to the conclusion I was sorta a ***** back in those days) The language barrier of course would be solved with subtitles, but Romulans and Klingons have actual languages with words and dialects, this would be just a series of hisses over and over again…not thinking that will be too much fun to sit through.

The Iotians– This highly impressionable alien race found a book left behind by a Federation ship called “Chicago Mobs of the 1920s”. So they did the only sensible thing and based their entire culture on 1920s gangsters!!! Wow! That would be horrible in a movie…but if they can make Kirk & Spock do this again I’d be OK with it.

The Borg- Wait, What? Yes, I love the Borg and all but I also think the Borg had their collective day in the sun and we got a pretty good movie out of them.  I think the Borg are best when dealing with Locutus….er uh Jean Luc! Plus, I think it’d be a bit more sensible if they just stuck to the old school races this early on in the re-launch of the series. I am strangely OK with seeing how Q would do with Kirk, just out of sheer curiosity, but again, he’s probably at his best matching wits with Jean Luc Picard….Kirk will probably end up just making his fists do all the talking for him.

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