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Posted on July 24, 2011 by Brad

Comic Con is usually where a lot of bombshells about upcoming projects are dropped, glimpses of the next hottest movie are seen for the first time and to a pop culture geek like me, this is the time of year that you have a geekgasm over all the tidbits flowing out of Comic-Con San Diego. I can predict that it probably won’t be the biggest story to come out this weekend, but its interesting none-the-less:  Steven Spielberg confirmed that Jurassic Park IV is coming!! While this isn’t necessarily the first time we’ve heard of a fourth installment, it’s the first time that Spielberg said anything about it!

Not to do a full 180 on an article I wrote earlier this year on the Pros and Cons of Jurassic Park IV, while I’m excited to hear this news, I still firmly believe in all my “cons” for making a 4th movie. At the same time, I also firmly believe that dinosaurs on the big screen are better than no dinosaurs on the big screen. Here are a few reasons why this is good news:

It’ll Re-Introduce Jurassic Park To A New Generation!

Believe it or not, in 2 years Jurassic Park will turn 20! Since that movie was made, a new generation of people has not experienced the magic of dinosaurs or the magic of people being eaten by dinosaurs on the big screen. I dread the day that I hear someone say “What’s Jurassic Park?” or “hmm never seen it”, at least this can maybe put those dreaded phrases off for a while longer.

With a new movie, the original movie and its sequels will have a new driving force and this may lead to special edition Blu-Ray disks, maybe a movie re-release on the big screen (at select theaters like AMC’s Harry Potter marathon) or at the very least; gain a new generation of fans! I remember when Tron Legacy came out, it was impossible to get a copy of the original. I’ve never seen it and the sequel looked kinda cool, I decided to watch the first one so I’ll know the setup story….it turns out that everyone on Netflix had the same idea as me!  I’m willing to bet a lot of those were people watching the movie for the very first time.

Another example, is that Transformers was just a cartoon from my childhood prior to 2007, now, it’s a multi-million dollar live action franchise (despite an underwhelming 2nd movie) and kids who never knew who Optimus Prime was are now playing with action figures that are more or less the same action figures I played with at their age (albeit stylishly different)!  I know a lot of people with kids that have this notion that they are going to get their kids to like the things they enjoyed as kids, and if I had kids or someday have kids, I’ll do the same; it’s just part of our nature. However, this will be something they will want to do on their own.

Furthermore, the fan-base can reassemble and recruit with the upcoming TV show Terra Nova, another Spielberg involved dinosaur project that will be on Fox this fall. The trailer has shades of Jurassic Park beyond just the dinosaurs, and this could be an “appetizer” for the movie…as long as the show is good.

Finally, even though I doubt it was ever in any danger to begin with being Universal’s biggest movie and all, I’d hate to see the theme park ride go the same way as the Back to the Future ride….I want to ride it many, many more times in the future and a new movie will make it relevant as well.

Dinosaurs Will Be Cool Again!

To me, dinosaurs never lost their credibility when it came to being cool… despite modern science’s many, many attempts to make me feel otherwise. The movie had such an impact on me that fateful day in 1993 that until probably my High School senior year, I wanted to be a paleontologist, but then I realized the only way that would really benefit me would be if I got a doctorate and taught at a college or university rather than just dig up dinosaurs and come up with names for them. However, I still plan to try to go on a dinosaur dig someday in the very near future (in fact, I considered it very heavily while my wife went away to a wedding, but she said it’d be cool to go to and I guilt tripped myself out of that plan).  When the first movie came out, it created dinosaur fever!! Museums were visited with rabid curiosity as visitors would marvel at the remains of our planet’s former dominant life forms. In an age of ipods, ipads, Playstation 3s and such it’ll be nice to see people put their “world disconnectors” away for a bit to visit a museum again!


I may be too old to play with toys (when people are looking), but my desk at work and home isn’t too old to display “collectors items”….that happen to be out of the box.  Do you know how hard it is to find dinosaur figurines nowadays? Sure Safeway has some, but those suck; Jurassic Park dinosaur figurines are completely badass!!! Also, my desk demands a velociraptor or dilophosaurus (Although a T-rex or Triceratops would be fine, that’d be too much)! Besides that, think about the posters, t-shirts and video game adaptations!

Plus, like my Transformers example earlier, it’s going to be awesome to see kids playing with velociraptors, much in the same way as I did growing up…also my nephew & niece will hopefully have that pre-brainwashing I’m attempting on them to make them LOVE dinosaurs, the timing for new dinosaur action figures will be impeccable.

Dinosaur Magic!!!

Even today, the nearly 20 year old special effects of Jurassic Park have aged very, very gracefully and still look cutting edge. Since then, we’ve had technological breakthroughs with the Lord of the Rings series, Avatar and many more, each which would “break the technology mold” and we all can agree that  dinosaurs are bigger than Na’vi and Hobbits, so imagine how much damage they can make by breaking the technology mold this time around! Also to give credit where credit is due; Jurassic Park was the movie that first featured photo-realistic creatures

I can’t wait to see the better CGI versions of velociraptors….oooo think about awesome IMAX velociraptors! I don’t think I’ll care too much for 3D velociraptors, as I dislike watching movies with glasses which if you take them off, everything looks like scribbly shit. But there’s definitely an audience for it and they’ll pay extra money for that experience.

Despite all this, there is a flipside of the coin; it could be an unnecessary sequel, as most sequels run the risk of becoming, but I guess we’ll see in 2-3 years. As long as it has a good story channeling the vision of the late great Michael Crichton, I think we can see dinosaur magic once more. Until then, I will eagerly wait for it and if it turns into a new trilogy as Joe Johnson wants it to be, so be it, but until then very careful baby-steps are needed. Either way, I’ll make the midnight screening work and responsibilities be damned!

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