Jurassic Park Week Day 6: The Pros & Cons Of Making A 4th Film

Jurassic Park Week Day 6: The Pros & Cons Of Making A 4th Film

Since Jurassic Park 3 came out in 2001, the rumors for a 4th film began instantly. However, the 4th movie has been stuck in development hell now for a decade, but recent interviews with Joe Johnson have re-sparked rumors of not only a 4th Jurassic Park movie, but a brand new trilogy that will be “un-like anything you’ve ever seen”.  As big of a fan of Jurassic Park that I am, I’m at a crossroads of whether or not I like the idea of a new film, let alone how 3 new films sound right now. Here’s some of the pros and cons of having another walk in the “park”.


Michael Crichton & Stan Winston Are Dead

Two of the most important people that made Jurassic Park what it is, has sadly departed from our world and I’m not sure really how a 4th film would do without their influence. Michael Crichton created the world and Stan Winston made the dinosaurs happen in real life.

A 4th film could conceivably work without them though. Stan Winston created a very capable special effects studio that has continued making cool movie effects after his passing such as Iron Man!! So, I think the effects will be in good hands, and plus with the advancements in CGI, they may go more that direction anyway.  As for Crichton, that’s a little trickier. He gave them everything they needed in the form of 2 novels and the 3rd movie was a story constructed on ideas from the first novel that didn’t get used in the movies. Can we trust writers enough to make a capable story?

Dinosaurs Have Changed

In Jurassic Park 3, the male Velociraptors were depicted as having a few feathers on their heads. It wasn’t b/c new director Joe Johnson wanted to try a new look for them, it’s because the feathered dinosaur theory started to creep in and they wanted to be accurate. But if a T-rex looks like this…I don’t think I’ll be able stand watching the movie.  The filmmakers are in a bit of a pickle here: they want to be accurate, but what’s accurate is stupid and unpopular right now. Since the last movie, dinosaurs look more like pissed off chickens and Triceratops nearly got erased from history….all within the last year or so!. That’s sadly some of the more publicized stories, there was also theories that previously known meat eaters may have ate plants instead and flying dinos just sorta glided rather than flew. So when it comes to accuracy, maybe we should just play the dumb card.

I’m Kinda Getting Bored with Site-B

Site B is/was a cool concept: a Jurassic Park without fences with more dinosaurs, but it’s kinda growing a little stale now. The problem is that there’s not much else to do short of having the dinos go to the mainland and for many, that was the worst part of the 2nd film.

So with that problem, we’re pretty much stuck at Isla Sorna and we’ve already been there twice already. The whole Spinosaurus not being on InGens list of dinos does open the door to more secret dinosaurs being able to come into the picture, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that we’re still on the same island like the last 2 times. It’s starting to be like Giligan’s Island with the whole somehow winding back up on the same island thing. I don’t know, maybe it’s not so much the island, as it is that the last movie suffered from having “unkillables” which I’ll get to in a moment.

How Jurassic Park 4 Could Work (aka Wishlist)

Fewer “Unkillables”

Jurassic Park 3 would have probably been better if more people died in it. After the runway attack at the beginning, all the hired guns get eaten by the Spinosaurus leaving Dr. Grant, his student Billy, the guy from Air-Bud and the family for the rest of the movie. Only one of them gets killed, and you don’t have to see the movie to know which one bites the dust. The reason for this is that you can’t kill Grant b/c he’s the hero of the films so killing him is a definite no (b/c it’ll just leave us with “the damn tourists”), also you can’t kill the strained family b/c they need to come together again at the end to make things happy. Air Bud guy was a red shirt to begin with so he was destined to die and Billy could have and should have died. It would have been a hard pill for Grant to swallow after losing his prized student, but eh whatever, they should have left him dead.  So the 4th flick, should it get made, will need to throw in a few red shirts with a dash of jerks to make dinosaur carnage happen again….but don’t overdo it like the Lost World….there is such a thing as too many people getting eaten.

People Are Ready For Another Walk In The Park

Effects aside; Jurassic Park 4 will probably not be Best Picture material, but with how sequel/prequel happy Hollywood is right now, lets put out something that we’ll want to see. Why the hell not? If they are making board games into movies (there’s legitimately a movie version of Battleship and Monopoly in the works), Jurassic Park 4 sounds like an amazing idea, not to mention I’d rather watch that than Viewmaster: the movie (yet another sad but true movie that’s being made). Either way Jurassic Park means money and that gives another reason to have it released. Plus we can maybe do some cool things with CGI and make it a fun movie. It’ll draw a crowd because everyone loves dinos!

Joe Johnson Can Earn Some Clout With Captain America

Joe Johnson will most likely be directing the next Jurassic Park and even though the 3rd film wasn’t the best thing in the world, it was better than the 2nd film and could have been better with fewer “unkillables”, never-the-less I still liked it. After Captain America hits he can become a very sought out director and can maybe pull some strings with budget and casting. Those elements combined could give them all the tools they need to make an awesome movie.

Overall, if a 4th film should happen I will be in line to see it with a smile on my face. Just for the love of God don’t do anything stupid with it! (also since the first Island didn’t get destroyed like in the book, maybe going back to where it all started again won’t be too bad). I won’t be devastated if a 4th film doesn’t happen but I’m also always up for another walk in the park. Either way this goes, the next year or two will be the time to do it, we’re overdue for another movie should it happen….otherwise please stop teasing us.

This wraps up PopCultureAsylum’s Jurassic Park Week (as well as the most productive week in this website’s history). It was a nice fun journey. If you happened to miss the rest of the week’s goodies be sure to check out the columns below:

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