JP Week Day 5

Jurassic Park Week Day 5: A Look At The Jurassic Park Games From The Past, Quasi-Present, and Future

It’s no secret that when a insanely successful blockbuster movie releases, there’s a good chance that it will be milked for everything it’s worth. One of those resources that gets tapped is video games.

In most cases, movie-inspired video games are pretty underwhelming to be honest, but when it came to Jurassic Park, I drank the milk from the cash cow and obediently bought the games and I was pleasantly surprised. Here’s a look at the games from Jurassic Park’s past, kinda-present and the future:

The Past

Jurassic Park (Sega)

I remember first seeing Jurassic Park on the Sega with my friends at a Montgomery Ward department store. After trying it out, it immediately made it to the top of my Christmas list and when I got it I was pleased because I finally had something to throw in the face of the “Nintendo Kids” who would talk about “Donkey Kong Country”, “Super Mario World” or “Zelda”. When it came to games that were exclusive on the Sega, there was only so far that Sonic went when it came to comparing video games. This is how Jurassic Park looked on the other systems:

What the hell? An over the top head shooter with dumb graphics??? Bahahaha.

This is what Sega had

Raptor Attack!!

Riding in a boat

Oh, and you can be the Raptor!!!

Overall in retrospect, many people think this game sucks with it’s pacing and level design. While it is slow today and way cooler crap has come out since then, this was actually kinda fun in it’s day and I still play it here and there.

Jurassic Park: The Lost World (Playstation)

I had mixed feelings about the movie counterpart, but the game was pretty fun! Taking a cue from the fun gamers had playing as a Velociraptor, this game let you play as 5 different characters: A Compy, a Velociraptor, a T-rex, Human Prey (where you try to not get eaten) and Human Hunter (where you can shoot the dinos).  Oddly enough, the  Compy was probably the most fun character to play as even though a damn plant can actually kill you, but after finally playing catch up 15 years too late and learning the “don’t try to kill chickens” rule in Zelda…it’s not that far out of the ordinary when it came to video game deaths. T-rex was a close second on the fun factor, while Human Prey was the dumbest since there’s not too much thrill when it comes to just running away from dinosaurs that just want to eat you.

Anyway this wasn’t a bad game, it was actually pretty fun.

Un-related Playstation 1 Era Mention: Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis rode in on the success wave of Jurassic Park. It combined the survival horror genre of Resident Evil and instead of zombies, there were Velociraptors trying to kill you.

You’ll blast your way through Compys, Raptors, and fight a T-rex various times but no matter what, you’ll always run out of freaking ammo every damn time!!! Ammo frustration aside, it was pretty fun and the story is kinda Jurassic Park-esque.


Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

I am a fan of sim games. Sure they drain your soul and if you are an observer of someone playing one it’s down-right boring to watch. But this game lets you BUILD Jurassic Park the way you want, & how you want it. It’s pretty cool you have your dig team dig up remains and find you new dinosaurs to make, you can charge whatever the hell you want for balloon and safari rides, have park rangers tranq the dinos when they get too rowdy and so on. One thing that does suck is when you build your very expensive T-rex exhibit after tearing the Judith River Foundation dig site to shreds to get enough bones to finally breed one and a Motherfrakin tornado tears through your park killing your star attraction and causing several wrongful death lawsuits for not putting enough shelters up and warning guests properly. The other part that sucks is the limitation of how many dig sites you get access to. I have yet to find a cheat code to get more than 3 sites out of the 9 that you can build up to. It makes no sense whatsoever to restrict gamers this much…maybe they wanted to make it more playable where no 2 games will be the same to inspire new approaches??? It doesn’t do that for me, it just magically pisses me off. With that said it is insanely addicting and tornados be damned, it’s fun to build attractions and seeing what dinos get along and which ones eat each other.

The Future

Jurassic Park: The Game (PC, Ipad, maybe other stuff hopefully)

Being a Wii owner, I got pretty excited when I caught wind that TellTale Games will be making downloadable games for Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. The Back to the Future didn’t quite happen for the Wii, but it did happen for the other consoles. Unfortunately, it looks like every game console may be left out for Jurassic Park: The Game with only a PC/Ipad version being announced. But after seeing the trailer to the game….I’m going to have to get the PC into gaming condition to play it!! (not getting an I-pad anytime soon) Get ready dinotards to geek out:

Tomorrow Jurassic Park Week concludes with a look at the pros and cons of the long rumored 4th film of the franchise.

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