Jurassic Park Week Day 3: Scenes From The Novel That Would Have Been Interesting To See In The Movie

Jurassic Park Week Day 3: Scenes From The Novel That Would Have Been Interesting To See In The Movie

Jurassic Park was by all means the best movie ever made. It however could have been a very different movie had a few scenes from Micheal Crichton’s novel made it into the movie. Most of the key elements of the novel made it to the movie but had the following scenes happened we would see a scarier, gorier and explosion filled version of Jurassic Park.

Today’s entry in PopCultureAsylum‘s Jurassic Park Week focuses on some scenes in the Micheal Crichton novel that could have been cool in the movie if they were added in.


Nedry’s Gorier Death

The movie’s way of disposing of would-be industrial spy Dennis Nedry was a cool death scene. But I think the book’s version would have been cooler and definitely R-rating quality gore . Here’s how it’s described after Nedry has been blinded by the venomous spit of the Dilophosaurus:

“But he couldn’t see. He couldn’t see anything, and his terror was extreme. He stretched out his hands, waving them wildly in the air to ward off the attack he knew was coming.
And then there was a new, searing pain, like a fiery knife in his belly, and Nedry stumbled, reaching blindly down to touch the ragged edge of his shirt, and then a thick, slippery mass that was surprisingly warm, and with horror he suddenly knew he was holding his own intestines in his hands. The dinosaur had torn him open. His guts had fallen out.

Nedry fell to the ground and landed on something scaly and cold, it was the animal’s foot, and then there was new pain on both sides of his head. The pain grew worse, and as he was lifted to his feet he knew the dinosaur had his head in its jaws, and the horror of that realization was followed by a final wish, that it would all be ended soon.”

Pretty gory eh? Later Nedry’s half-eaten body is found by the game warden Robert Muldoon’s search party during their search for Dr. Grant and the kids. After scaring away the scavenger Compsognathus (Compys), Muldoon has a short moment which he examines Nedry’s body to which he simply remarks

“They blinded him, then ripped him down the middle. Not a nice way to go. Maybe there’s justice in this world after all.”

Pretty cold, guess Nedry was pretty hated by his co-workers…must of stolen someone’s lunch.

Muldoon Hunting down the T-rex/ blows up a Velociraptor With A Damn Rocket Launcher!!

In the novel of Jurassic Park, game warden Robert Muldoon is decidedly more of a bad-ass than his movie counterpart.  The novel’s version of Robert Muldoon has him as a high functioning alcoholic with a nice collection of weapons. Weapons like a freakin rocket launcher!!! He uses the Rocket Launcher durring an attack by a pack attack of Velociraptors and even blows one up!! How awesome would it be to see a Velociraptor jumping in the air towards Muldoon with it’s patented “death from above” attack and then just suddenly explodes and splatters everywhere? I like velociraptors and all, but I would have enjoyed seeing one blow up.

Also worth mentioning is that before all that raptor-sploding action,  Muldoon hunts down the adult T-rex. Not to mention while chasing it down he’s driving a jeep and drinking a bottle of whiskey while doing so. Anyway, Muldoon ends of striking it with a dart before it charges his jeep and he’s forced to retreat…but it turns out that the T-Rex later feels the effect of the dart and passes out in a river and where it eventually drowns.

The T-rex River Attack

This scene would have been pretty awesome. It had Grant and the kids stumble on a boat for an uncompleted river safari counterpart to the jeep ride they all took when touring the park. However, just like the jeep safari turned out, the T-rex attacks them while rafting down the river….oh and it swam like a crocodile!!! Sadly it was cut from the movie due to cost concerns.

We did get to see this to some degree in Jurassic Park 3, but it was the Spinosaurus instead and the whole phone thing during the attack kinda sucked and took away from the action. But at least it kinda sorta happened..in a way.

John Hammond’s Death

Richard Attenborough made us love the character of John Hammond. He was like a charming granddad that made dinosaurs and he came off as so….nice. In the book he was a dick. He hated his inferior employees and was quite the shrewd business man. But fear not, justice came to him when he took a stroll to blow off some steam and manages falling down a hill after freaking out when his grandkids were monkeying around the PA system and played a T-rex roar over the sound systems. Falling down a hill can hurt and when you’re an old man (76 in the novel) it’s devastating. John Hammond is very much in a predicament with the fall down the hill breaking his leg. Nearly immediately, a group of scavangers known as Compsognathus a.k.a. Compys show up seeing  him as a weak and crippled animal. Being the opportunist bastards they are, the Compys end up killing Hammond off.  In his final moments the venomous bites put Hammond in a relaxed state while they start to eat him alive.

This scene also appeared to a degree in the sequel but it would have been a little more symbolic if it was Hammond that died by his own creation rather than one of the healthy dino-catchers from The Lost World. But as stated earlier, Richard Attenborough made the character so nice, that we would have been sad to see him killed off.

Isla Nublar Destroyed And The Survivors Detained:

Although everyone loves a happy ending and the movie made everyone fall in love with dinosaurs again, it would seem that having the military blow the crap out of the island and kill all the dinos would be a real downer. However, that’s exactly how the book ended and it might have been cool to see. Here’s how everything ended while the survivors are rescued and lifted out via helicopters:


“Somewhere behind them they heard explosions, and then ahead they saw another helicopter wheeling through the mist over the visitor center, and a moment later the building burst into a bright orange fireball, and Lex began to cry, and Ellie put her arm around her and tried to get her not to look.
Grant was staring down at the ground, he had a last glimpse of the hypsilophondonts, leaping gracefully as gazelles, moments before another explosion flared bright beneath them. Their helicopter gained altitude and then moved east, out over the ocean.

Grant sat back in his seat. He thought of the dinosaurs standing on the beach, and he wondered where they would migrate if they could, and he realized he would never know, and he felt sad and relieved at the same time.
Grant looked back just once, and saw the island against a deep purple sky and sea, cloaked in a deep mist that blurred the white-hot explosions that burst rapidly, one after another, until it seemed the entire island was glowing, a diminishing bright spot in the darkening night.”

The raptors were dicks and killed lots of good people and blowing them up didn’t sound like such a bad idea, but the nice dinosaurs like Triceratops or Brachiosaurus or the Galamimus  were collateral damage and now that I think of it, this is a depressing ending! Oh Well, at least the survivors got to go home after a “lovely weekend” right???…not exactly, the survivors were all detained for an unknown amount of time.

‘Guitierrez pushed up from his chair. He waved to Tim and Lex, playing in the pool. “Probably they will send the children home,” he said. “There is no reason not to do that.” He put on his sunglasses. “Enjoy your stay with us, Dr. Grant. It is a lovely country here.”
Grant said, “You’re telling me we’re not going anywhere?”

“None of us is going anywhere, Dr. Grant,” Guitierrez said, smiling. And then he turned, and walked back toward the entrance of the hotel.’

And that’s how the book ends! Kinda a downer, I’m retracting my statement earlier and saying I kinda preferred the happy ending now where they just went off into the sunset and the T-rex was left alive to eat all the other dinosaurs on the island.

Jurassic Park week continues tomorrow with a trip down memory lane exploring the day I got to meet the dinosaurs from my favorite movie. If you missed the previous articles this week here they are

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2 thoughts on “Jurassic Park Week Day 3: Scenes From The Novel That Would Have Been Interesting To See In The Movie”

  1. Oh my god! Anytime I can get someone to listen, I always without fail, blather on about those scenes. Especially Muldoon shooting the crap outta those raptors, that was sheerly epic. He was such a badass (and in the movie too, but he should’ve had more screentime). “Like to live dangerously, Mr. Gennaro?”
    And the river scene! That was literary genius! I love when Grant tries to shoot at it with that little pistol. And a slow-motion scene of them falling off the edge would have been great.
    I can’t decide what I think about omitting Hammond’s death. I love both the sweet, sentimental Hammond and the obnoxious dick Hammond. Just to maintain some continuity, I always tell myself that Hammond was just playing nice around the investors. Haha.
    And the ending was indeed a downer, it would have been nice if they gave us some scenes with Grant, Sattler, Muldoon (who remains completely unmentioned) and Harding in the Lost World novel, just so we know that they’re doing all right.
    Nedry’s gorey death (and Muldoon’s cold remark about him) would have been nice to keep in the movie. We needed some more violent dino action. Not that we don’t have a lot as it is..but hey, we can always use more.
    I’d like to make some additions to your list and say that they totally skipped over Wu and Harding (and Regis!) in the movie, and also they should have had the scene where Dr. Grant poisons all the raptors and lets them tear each others guts out. Also, the trip to the raptor nest was super suspenseful.
    I’m done ranting! I love your list. Thanks for making it. Jurassic Park is the best movie ever..and an even better novel!

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