Life After Lost

Life After LOST: 1 Year Later

(aka)Where Are They Now?

Posted on May 22, 2011 by Brad

This weekend marks a year since LOST went off the air. While the final episodes may have notorious split it’s fans over the issue on whether the series had a satisfactory ending or not, one thing is for certain….I miss it & I’m probably not alone.

However, all good things come to an end and Lost was no different. Now that the show is done I thought it’d be interesting to see what our favorite castaways (and Others) are up to these days. Even though it’s been off the air for a year, there’s still some of you out there just now starting the series on Netflix, so be warned: Here Be Spoilers….anywho let’s see what is going on with the Lostaways and Others now:


Matthew Fox (Jack Shepard):

Who Was He? Jack was the main character of Lost. He came in very handy when it came to stitching fellow castaways up being that he’s a doctor and all. He also was quite possibly the best man-crier ever and I think I loved him best when he was a depressed pill popper with an awesome beard (one that I hope to grow one day, but I get as far as Desmond style or Faraday style at the best). I solely miss the character of Jack b/c when Lost ended, so did fresh material for “Jackfaces”.

Where Is He Now? Matthew Fox has been on a few late night show skits since LOST ended and is expected to be in a Tyler Perry movie called “I, Alex Cross”

Josh Halloway (Sawyer/James Ford):

Who Was He? Sawyer was the Island’s resident former con-man, supply hoarder, alliance making, nickname god.  Coming second only to Ben Linus, Sawyer was probably my favorite character in the series.

Where is he now?: Josh Halloway made one of his best post-LOST appearances in part 1 of the 2-part season finale of Community as “The Dark Rider” during a “Good, Bad & The Ugly”-esque paintball game. He’s also going to appear in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol alongside Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg (hopefully his role will involve coming up with nicknames for everyone…can’t wait to see what he calls Tom Cruise)

Evangeline Lilly ( Kate Austin)

Who Was She? Kate was a fugitive prior to crashing, she also would come along on missions/adventures despite being told to not to come and usually that would result in her being captured. Kate sometimes annoyed me but I started to like her towards the end of the series.

Where is She Now? Aside from catching her L’Oreal commercials and sometimes late at night her LiveLinks commercials still run (doubtfull you’ll get her on the line), she’ll show up next in a robot boxing movie called “Real Steel” (yeah Robot boxing….Transformers meets Rocky). She’ll be co-staring with Hugh Jackman. She’s also preggers by her “not-Charlie” boyfriend. In addition to having a kid on the way and acting, it looks like she’s also aspiring to write a children’s book.

John Terry (John Locke)

Who was He? Prior to the crash, John Locke was crippled but became able to walk again once crashing on The Island.  he was also awesome at killing boars, awesome with knives and didn’t like being told what he couldn’t do. Sadly, he got killed and his appearance/likeness was used by the Man In Black/ Smoke Monster. Locke can be seen as the tragic hero of LOST.

Where Is He Now? John Terry’s been involved with 2 TV movies since Lost ended. He’s apparently developing a show with Michael Emerson (aka Ben Linus) called “Oddjobs”, which follow a pair of former Black-Ops agents. However that’s been pushed back…better than cancelled right?

Jorge Garcia (Hugo “Hurley” Reyes)

Who was he? Hurley was the lovable overweight castaway and probably the nicest character ever on the show…oh then he became the new Jacob.

Where Is He Now? Jorge has made a few guest appearances on shows such as Fringe, How I Met Your Mother and Mr. Sunshine and he also appeared as the cover art for Weezer’s latest album. Next up, is a TV series called Alcatraz (alongside Sam Neil of Jurassic Park fame), which is supposed to hit this fall and the preview looks pretty freakin awesome.

Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace)

Who Was He? Charlie was the bass player for one-hit wonder band Drive Shaft. He was also addicted to Heroine, and once got the piss punched out of him by John Locke. He also probably would have been a good dad to Aaron, but he drowned fulfilling a prophecy that didn’t quite pan out the way Desmond described….but damn it all, it was quite possibly the saddest moment in LOST/TV history.

Where Is He Now? Up until it was cancelled, he was probably the best thing going for Flashforward. Now it looks like he’s tied to at least 2 movies currently….hopefully none in which he drowns, because I don’t think I can see that happen to him again.

Daniel Dae Kim (Jin Kwon )

Who Was He? Well first Jin was kind of a dick….then he learned a few choice English words acted nicer and became a really cool character.

Where Is He Now? Daniel Dae Kim, who can probably tie with Jorge Garcia for the “Probably The Nicest Member Of The Cast In Real Life” title, is still hanging around in Hawaii as a staring member of the reboot series Hawaii 5-O.

Yunjin Kim (Sun Kwon)

Who Was She? Jin’s wife…she had a few secrets from him and made him mad when she wore a bikini. She also seemed to be the only castaway that knew how to farm and knew how to make a few herbal medicines….so she’s probably someone you’d want on the Island with you.

Where Is She Now? Yunjin Kim was a pretty well known Korean actress prior to LOST. She’s since returned to Korean film where she’s already worked on 2 movies since last May.

Naveen Andrews (Sayid Jarrah)

Who Was He? Sayid was the go-to guy when you needed someone to kick some ass. A former torturer for the Iraqi National Guard, Sayid kinda found redemption on the Island….that is until they needed his skills to torture or kill a few people.

Where Is He Now? His IMDB profile has been quiet since LOST ended, probably b/c he’s resting up from all the ass kicking he did on LOST, but I’ll be ready for the next round of ass kicking, whatever that may turn out to be.

Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond Hume)

Who Was He? Desmond was probably the most important character in the show.Period. He also did the whole Slaughterhouse 5 thing and became unstuck in time for one of the best episodes Lost has ever aired. Also made “See You In Another Life Brotha” an awesome catchphrase.

Where Is He Now? I half-expected Henry Ian Cusick & Matthew Fox to have had the most post-LOST work, but everyone’s favorite Scotsman is keeping work steady and quiet. He did guest star in 2 episodes of Law & Order SVU this past TV season.

Michael Emerson (Ben Linus)

Who Was He? The best damn character in television history! That’s who!!! Ben was the bug-eyed manipulative leader of The Others. Originally, he was only to be in 2 episodes in the second season, but showed how awesome he was and became a major power player for the rest of the show’s run. He also got the holy hell beaten out of him more times than any character ever on TV. <- That by the way, is the one link I DEMAND that you watch (the others are more or less just to show my research)

Where is He now? He’s been in a few TV movies and made a guest appearance in the NBC show Parenthood. He’s set for a pilot with J.J. Abrams for CBS that just got picked up called Person of Interest and he’s also rumored to be working on a project with John Terry (aka Locke) called OddJobs…which we know the adventures of  Ben & Locke could have made an awesome spin-off, so I’m hoping this is the next best thing.

Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert)

Who Is He? Richard was Jacob’s adviser and undisputed Prettiest Eyes On The Island Award Winner. Richard Alpert was the mysterious ageless Other (who turned out to have been the sole survivor of the Black Rock’s 1867 crash) and became sort of immortal after meeting up with Jacob. He seemed to finally be free from his immortal curse at the end of the series when he escaped the Island.

Where Is He Now? Hopefully he’ll still be running Gotham City when the next Batman film starts rolling. Recently, Nestor Carbonell has been on Pysche as a guest star.

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliette Burke)

Who Was She? Juliet was an unwilling member of The Others brought to The Island by Richard to solve the “women die when they get pregnant” problem. She helped Jack escape from The Others and became a Lostaway team member, later she became Sawyer’s wife back in the Dharmaville days of Season 5…she then got blown up when she started to hit “Jughead” with a rock.

Where Is She Now? She was fighting lizard aliens in V, but that got cancelled. She’s also slated to star alongside the very annoying Dane Cook in an upcoming movie.

Ian Somerhalder (Boone Carlyle)

Who was He? Boone was Shannon’s annoying stepbrother, who decided to take a break from fighting with and banging his stepsister and hang out with Locke….up until Locke inadvertently killed him with his damn curiosity…he showed up in dreams and drug sequences from time to time, most agree Boone was cooler in those than he ever was when he was alive.

Where Is He Now? He’s out being a vampire on the CW

Jeremy Davies (Daniel Faraday)

Who Was He? Daniel went from “Twitchy guy with a skinny tie” to a mega-power player in the course of Season 5’s time traveling shenanigans. He also had the shitiest mother ever (She killed him in the 70s when they time traveled!!!!  And then she made sure he became a physicist so that one day he’ll be obsessed with time travel so that one day he’ll get sent to the 70s and get killed by her!!! What the H!??)

Where Is He Now? He’s been pretty busy this season as a villain in the FX show Justified.

Harold Perrineau (Michael Dawson/”Kevin Johnson”):

Who Was He? Michael was the Father of WAAAALLLTTTT. He also became a bit of a turncoat by turning his friends over to The Others so he and WAAAALLTTT can escape the Island, but he showed back up later to redeem himself until he got blown up. He now spends eternity as part of “the whispers” around The Island.

Where is He Now? His first departure from The Island had him fighting zombies in 28 Weeks Later. His final departure from the Island (when he blew up) saw him in the short lived show The Unusuals. Lately he’s been tied to 5 projects for 2011.

Emile de Ravin (Claire Littleton)

Who Was She? She was preggers before the crash, gave birth to Aaron (aka Turnip-head) and then disappeared and went a bit nuts….she also is Jack’s secret half-sister.

Where Is She Now? 2011 has been pretty quiet for her, but she did shell out 3 movies last year. This included Remember Me (aka the movie with Twilight boy that throws 9/11 in for no reason at the very end…just for the sheer purpose of “9/11-ing You”).

Other Characters (In Brief)

M.C. Gainey (Tom Friendly): One of the most memorable Others, we were introduced to him under the impression that he’s just a dirty hobo on a boat that stole WAAALLTT. He may have given Ben a run for his money for “Coolest Other”, but Sawyer killed him before we could really get used to him. M.C. Gainey’s been tied to TV shows Justified and the short lived “Happy Town”. He’s also lent his voice for the movie Tangled as the Captain of the Guard.

Lance Reddick (Matthew Abandon): The character of Matthew Abandon didn’t seem very trustworthy at first….or ever, but Ben killed him before we’d ever know. Lance Reddick better known nowadays as heading the Fringe Division.

Clancy Brown (Kelvin Inman): Clancy Brown was Desmond’s Hatch buddy up until an issue of mistrust caused Desmond to go overboard and accidentally kill him. Nowadays Clancy Brown is busy being generally awesome (maybe that wasn’t from nowadays but still!!!) He’s been mixed with lots of movies and he’s been involved in a lot of voice work (Being Mr. Crabs from Spongebob Squarepants alone is probably paying off pretty handsomely)

Kevin Durand (Martin Keamy ): Ben’s daughter’s killer has been seen recently as Little John in the Ridley Scott movie Robin Hood, He’ll also turn up in Real Steel with Evangeline Lilly and Wolverine co-star Hugh Jackman.

Sonya Walger (Penelope Widmore): Desmond’s star-crossed lover took front & center of LOST’s best love story arc, and fortunately we got to see the two finally unite. Since Lost Sonya Walger has stared in the short-lived TV series Flashforward with fellow LOST actor Dominic Monaghan.

Jeff Fahey (Frank Lapidus): Everyone’s favorite drunk looking awesome pilot has probably been attached to the most post-LOST projects in the last year. Of these one of the most notable is that he stared in the movie Machete.

Ken Leung (Miles Straume): The smartmouthed ghostbuster has had a pretty quiet 2011, but he made a guest appearance in an episode of The Good Wife this past season.

Rob McElhenney (Aldo): Poor Aldo just appeared twice in Lost, each time he was beaten up and then finally killed off. The problem I had with Aldo was that I only viewed him as his character Mac from a little show called “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”.

Madison (Vincent): Yeah Vincent was actually a girl dog, but we’re hoping that WAAAALLLTT’s dog is living out a nice retirement…..On the same topic; does anyone else think that Vincent ate the body of Jack at the end of the series(I doubt Rose & Bernard had Dharma dog food)?

That’s all for now, so I’ll end you with probably my favorite ending from the series. Like Jack, I also think we need to go back (Lost ruled!!).

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