May The 4th Be With You

So I Co-Hosted A “May The 4th Be With You” Star Wars Movie Night/Party…

Posted on May 8, 2012 by Brad

If you are reading this, chances are that you already know what significance May the 4th holds to Star Wars fans. If you have been living off the grid (AKA haven’t messed around on this thing called “the Internet”), May the 4th is widely regarded as “Star Wars Day” because of the fun to say pun “May the 4th be with you”.

My wife Stacey had more or less set everything in motion leading up to our first ever (first annual?) “May the 4th Be With You Party/Star Wars Movie Night” by having “Star Wars Shirt Fridays” at her work. So we opened our apartment up for a party and it had a pretty good turnout.

Something about setting it up made it feel like having a birthday party as a child….maybe it was because we shopped the kid party section for the themed cups and plates we got at the party store. With the exception of a blacklight pajama party at a friends place a few months ago, this was the first “themed” party we’ve taken part in since college (oh how I miss 80s party night or Cult Movie nights)….to add to the excitement we were hosting! Needless to say, we excitedly brainstormed a few ideas. Probably, the most fun part was brainstorming names for the snacks we’d be serving and what Star-Wars name we’d be giving them (this was a request we made for people that wanted to bring snacks as well).

For decorations, I had bought a few Star Wars action figures for our “Geeky Christmas Tree” a few years ago that still serve as Christmas ornaments, so we would place the figures by our name plates to give it extra geeky decor. I wasn’t allowed to have any prequel characters…..tried to sneak a Darth Maul in, but he was thrown across the room.
For Entertainment, we planned on doing all 3 original movies (another rule: No Prequels), but after a long Friday most of the guests were winding down near the end of “Empire” (it was midnight and most of us were over 25) so we actually ended with a wrap up screening of the Robot Chicken Star Wars Special.

Anyway halfway through Empire, I forgot we didn’t take pictures and since a few of you guys wanted to see what went down; I snapped a few with my phone….I forgot to take a picture of any of the 25 or so people that came, maybe next time if I remember. Anyway, here’s a look at the party that was:

Yes that sign does say “Blue Milk” with an “(alcoholic)” subtitle! We did, in fact, make an alcoholic Blue Milk, and it actually turned out pretty damn tasty! Some were curious about what was in it and since I don’t have any claim to the recipe or trademark here’s how to make it:

Blue Milk Recipe

3 oz of milk, 1oz cream (we used half & half), 1 oz Coconut Rum, 1 oz Amaretto, 2 oz Blue Curacao. (We made A LOT MORE than this so we adjusted but this is for a shaker serving)

Combine in shaker/stir/whatever with Ice

Boom! you got Blue Milk!! (and it’s pretty damn tasty!)


So we had 2 good names for the smokies in BBQ sauce: “Tatoo-weenies” and “Jar-Jar Links” (obviously an “exception” to our “No prequel rule” but it implied we were eating him, ergo meaning Jar-Jar is dead and we can all be happy.) However, we did something of a combo name.

Another personal favorite snack name “Uncle Owen’s Farm Fresh Veggies”, it was a fun name and we needed some balance to the meat and cookies. I kinda doubt they grew anything on that farm though!

This looked so very innocent but it had a dark secret courtesy of one of our party goers. Like Lando, one of the cookie sandwiches had a “taste of betrayal”, I got that cookie! I was just being polite and not saying anything mean because I just thought they couldn’t really make cookies….it turned out that the “Taste of Betrayal” cookie I grabbed had horseradish sauce mixed into the chocolate!! Well played my friend, well played…..and here I was thinking maybe that “Extra Dark” part in it’s name was about chocolate. I did get a good cookie afterwards, but I hope if this party becomes a thing we do annually with our friends this turns into a staple.

Got to use the word “Scum”…..did forget to tell Stacey I envisioned “Scum” to be red and a Stormtrooper next to the sign, but no worries, we’ll do that next time!

Just an overview of all the other treats, we had a few other fun ones with us and the treats people came up with such as:
Pecan Sandpeople (Pecan Sandies)

Spaceballs (sausage balls)

Red Lightsabres (Red Vines)

Wookie Cookies

Bantha Fodder (chocolates)

Wookie Wango (A gin, grenadine, sprite combo….it was made a bit on the strong side and a few were buzzing from it)

Tatooine Sunrise (Tequila Sunrise)

and to top it off we geeked it up a bit by having some Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cubes for drinks (found them here)

I’m sure there’s like 3-4 other things that I missed…but probably ate.

Overall it was a blast and worthy of making an annual thing, it’s been nearly a week and I’m still thinking of fun menu items like “Porkins Sandwiches”. Anyway posted a bit late but I hope all you Star Wars geeks had a good “May the 4th”.

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