Early Review: The Venture Brothers Season 5 Premiere “What Color Is Your Cleansuit?”

vb s5I want to start by saying that when it comes to adult audience cartoons or any show that I watch, that The Venture Brothers rides very high at the top. I consider it one of the most funny and clever cartoons out there. I could easily chalk it up to the humor, or the massive pop culture references, but either way, this show has been a constant joy over the years. The show is something of a “what if?’ story focusing on if a very failed middle-aged former Johnny Qwest-like character becomes the single uncaring parent of The Hardy Boys. Of course, instead of the wholesome goodness of the Hardy Boys or Johnny Qwest, we get sex jokes, gratuitous violence, and a nerd-catering influx of pop culture jokes. It does demand something of a patient audience as the animation process sometimes delays the show more than a year or so between seasons. But after a 3 year wait, Team Venture has returned!


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