Dispatches from Denver Comic Con Day 3: Saying “Cheese” with Bruce Campbell and hearing the voice of Batman (and Tigger too)

IMG_3787Sunday is the shortest and final day of Denver Comic Con. It’s the day that the last of the big panels wrap before 3pm and the exhibit hall shuts down 2-3 hours earlier than the other days. Still reeling from yesterday’s awesome hurricane of events, I was glad that today was largely a “relax day” for us. Last year we had to show up a good hour ½-2 hours to score wristbands to get into some of the bigger panels like George Takei or William Shatner. This year, we didn’t have that to worry about, but just like the year before, Sunday we enter the con extremely exhausted after 2 days of celebrating pop culture. Despite the exhaustion, I still very strongly advocate buying a weekend pass rather than the single day tickets as it’s the better value. I also like having the option to decide if a certain day is a “panel day” or a “explore the floor” day. (READ MORE)

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