Dispatches From Denver Comic Con Day 1: Morphin Time with the Power Rangers and Singing with Levar Burton

lego batDenver Comic Con is here once again and like the past 2 times, I’ll be doing day-to-day coverage of this weekend’s ultimate pop culture party in Denver.

My wife Stacey and I began our day early (at least for me anyway) as Denver Comic Con officially opened at 10 am this morning (much earlier compared to starting on Friday afternoons in previous years). Having a new puppy has added an extra hour into our morning routine as we needed to take Faraday on his morning walk and drop him off at his “human grandparents” home to be cared for while we were gone. To answer any questions; Yes, we named him after the shaggy haired twitchy character on Lost, but my wife tends to default to saying he’s named after Michael Faraday (a scientist famous for studying electromagnetism) since she’s a research assistant.  Halfway to my in-law’s place I realized that I made a really dumb mistake and left our badges at home. Shit! And I forgot to grab a sharpie as well. Shit! Next to our car having issues starting and delaying us by 15 minutes, we are now also looking at a good 30 minute delay to our planned schedule. Shit! Shit! (READ MORE)

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