Dinosaur Desmond:The Traveling Elasomasaurus

This is my latest….admittedly accidental creation. Originally bought to make a Loch Ness Monster photo, I decided that I wanted to photograph it more. Soon I was an annoying tourist taking photos of a toy dinosaur every where I went.

So not really knowing how to share the photos best, I decided to make it “a story” and due to the cheesy nature; it’s a children’s story.

So the following reads like a children’s book….because it’s really funny (to me).


2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Desmond:The Traveling Elasomasaurus”

  1. I’m in the process of transcribing it from my handwritten composition book (Stacey’s laptop is useless unless it’s plugged in and I didn’t have anywhere I could type it out), but I’m filling it out now and I’ll put it on here. I’ll probably make it a PDF file in addition to hosting it on here just due to the amount of pages I filled up (it’ll won’t be a “quick read” really since I filled the entire book up haha). So I’ll have a update when I finish that up.

    I also have video, but unfortunately my camera decided to record fine but it won’t let the video play on a external source (such as a computer) so I have a delay on that until I get it repaired or replaced so I can capture and edit it all….guess that gives me time to transcribe.

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