Craft on Tap: Spring ’15 Beer Picks

spring beerAs winter’s flailing corpse gives way to seedlings and sprouts, it’s time to rotate the dark winter warmers and imperial stouts from the fridge out for some lighter beers all the while keeping some of the slightly darker ales for those chilly spring nights.

With springtime, we start to see some of the nicer weather days, the parks look a bit greener, you can go hiking with your friends without secretly wondering which ones you’d be forced to eat if there’s an avalanche that strands you, the restaurant patio seating becomes more tempting and you can go on a nice bike ride from time to time. In addition you may get one or two days where you have to still bundle up and wipe snow from your car. Spring is a bit of a identity crisis period between winter and summer and when it comes to beer you will see a mix of the lighter summer-esque offerings while the dark stouts of winter still remains tempting.

While this is my first time to remember to do a spring edition, the rules remain the same as with my prior entries: (READ MORE)

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