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5 Moments That Made Me Lose My @#%& During Civil War


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Posted on by Brad

Captain America: Civil War has been a box office juggernaut since releasing 3 weeks ago and now that I’ve seen it, it’s time to talk about it. The movie takes its name from a 2006 Marvel Comics event in which a team of superheroes destroys a small town. A superhero registration act immediately passes in congress requiring all super-powered individuals to come forward, publicly revealing their identities and register as a super-powered individual and work for the government. The movie follows it somewhat but instead following the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Avengers are made to be held accountable for their actions since most of their identities are already known. Like the comic, those in favor join Iron Man and those opposed joined Captain America. Some fighting happens naturally. This in a nutshell is how the 3rd Captain America film gets rolling (or Avengers 2.5 as it really felt like). I couldn’t recommend the movie enough as a fan and since I’m still in crazy fanboy mode I wanted to talk about the 5 moments that made me lose my shit while watching! Spoilers obviously follow so if you haven’t seen it just come back and read after.


spider-manFully Enjoying Leaving a Movie Featuring Spider-Man for the First time in 10 Years – Can you believe it’s been nearly a decade since we saw a symbiote-possessed Peter Parker dancing like The Mask in that Jazz Club? 4 years since we saw him doing boring kickflips on a skateboard and only 2 years since we saw “faces of meth” Green Goblin? Since Spider-Man 2 (the one with Doc Ock), I had a hard time fully enjoying my favorite superhero on the silver screen. Even the parts I liked in those prior films were overshadowed by terrible ideas. Thankfully, the wallcrawler was AWESOME in Civil War. While I do wish that we’d stop living in Spider-man’s High School years, I really enjoyed this take on Spider-man. I think he’s in the movie for 20 minutes but it undid nearly a decade of bad ideas. We get all the fun of Peter hiding his life as Spider-man from Aunt May (who’s now attractive…a far cry from any portrayal from the comics, but realistically a kid Peter’s age wouldn’t have a 60-70 year old aunt), AND he does all the fun quips that Spider-man tends to do while balancing out the life of Peter Parker awkwardly splitting his 2 lives (something Tobey Macguire excelled at as Peter Parker but not Spider-man and Andrew Garfield did the opposite of). At least now we can move forward, no origin story, hopefully no Uncle Ben stuff and just let Spider-man hang out and fight crime with the Avengers.

giantmanGIANT MAN!!- I was originally planning to do an article of “Things that happened in the Civil War comic that won’t be on the movie” and Giant Man certainly rode high on that list simply because I didn’t think it’d work. I was delightfully wrong. Save for a Lego Set spoiler, this moment became a HUGE surprise. I dismissed the Lego spoiler as Lego set’s based on upcoming movies got my hopes up before (looking at you dilophosaurus ambush Jurassic World set!). Thankfully unlike the Giant Man in Civil War who is killed by a fake Stark Industries Thor (long weird story), Scott Lang just gets knocked out after a great homage to Empire Strikes Back.


pantherBlack Panther!- I wasn’t a big Black Panther fan going into the movie. I didn’t not like him or anything, nor did I see him as lame or anything. It’s just that I bought Spider-man and X-men comics instead and picked more fun super-powered people in Ultimate Alliance. Other than Spider-man the best moments of this film hands (and claws) down all belonged to T’Challa (aka Black Panther). I cannot wait to see him claw the shit out of Andy Serkis in his solo film!


visionwitch4lifeVision and Scarlett Witch’s sparks- Vision and Scarlett Witch are an item in the comics. They have a pretty cool relationship. I liked that we started seeing the start of that. Hopefully we’ll see a little more in the upcoming movies. Too bad Thanos is totally going to kill Vision so he can pluck that mind gem outta his skull 🙁


zemoVillains and that Twist at the End- While this was a Cap vs Iron-Man battle royal, we did have some fun villains thrown into the mix. Crossbones made his full debut in the opening mission and we had a very scheming Barron Zemo pulling the strings behind the scenes (who thankfully was left alive unlike everyone that wasn’t Loki in prior movies). I loved the twist at the end revealing that Bucky assassinated the parents of one Tony Stark. After all this, you gotta wonder how in the hell Iron Man will ever re-team with Cap and his Mighty/Secret Avengers (Falcon, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Scarlett Witch, and maybe Black Widow and Black Panther) for protecting and fighting alongside his parent’s assassin.

strangeIt’ll be a few years until we see our dysfunctional family of Avengers get back together but there’s TONS to hold us over until then and it’ll be interesting to see how everything falls into place.  Doctor Strange will be doing his magic, We’ll go to the cosmos with Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, Thor and Hulk will team up, Ant-Man and The Wasp will team up, Black Panther will sink his claws into some badguys and we’ll hang out with Iron Man and Spidey in Spider-Man Homecoming.