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Secret Wars: 10 Things I’m Looking Forward To


A few weeks ago the Marvel multiverse came to an explosive end. It’s a bit sad and all but now there’s just Battleworld that remains. So long story short: Marvel has lots of universes but really the 2 that are most important is the main universe (called 1610) and the Ultimate Marvel Universe (which the movies borrow a few elements from and sorta was created to create new versions of heroes without decades of continuity getting in the way). Anyway all these universes are dying off due to incursion events and it seems that both the Ultimate Marvel Universe and the 1610 universe figured out how to prolong extinction which more or less involves destroying the other universe’s earth in order to save theirs from another colliding universe. It sorta works for a while until the 1610 universe collides with the Ultimate Universe and they just sorta fight it out and kill each other but then everything just sorta fades to white and now all that remains is a patchwork planet called Battleworld which is made up from all these collided universes.  If you want to know the who, what, where and why there’s like 3 years of comics that you’d have to read. I’m not wanting to do that much homework but that appears to be the gist of what’s happening. Anyway the fun part about this is that everything ended and now a lot of alternate universe stories such as Marvel Zombies, X-men Days of Future Past, Old Man Logan, 1602, Ultimate Marvel and Regular Marvel universes are all co-existing in one place and it’s characters are fighting each other. When the dust settles, Marvel gets to basically reset a little bit and not have to worry about decades of storylines. Plus most likely they can reflect certain properties to better match their cinematic counterparts.

Make no mistake, this is totally a cash-grab but it’s a fun cash-grab and some former storylines are re-visited or rebooted. The only problem is that there’s a ton of tie-ins in addition to the main storyline but fortunately some of them are way too appealing to ignore and stick to the main story and just seems like fun all around. Anyway here’s the 10 things I’m most excited about with this event.


  1. GoddoomGod Doom- Victor Von Doom not only rules over the patchwork Battleworld planet but he is seen as God as well. Doom’s an arrogant bastard so to be God now is just going to stroke his ego further. However there’s Thanos lurking around and I have a feeling the two will butt heads soon enough.



  1. Thors_1_cover_by_chris_sprouseThors- Yes, that’s plural; as in more than one Thunder God. That’s a thing now. There are multiple Thors now including various versions of our Thor, Storm, Beta Ray Bill, Odin and so on wielding the power of mjonir. The army of Thors act as Doom’s police force throughout Battleworld so that’s cool! It’s a bit like Green Lantern but much cooler since they can summon thunder and don’t hold a weakness to the color yellow and they are thunder gods/goddesses.



    1. zombiesvsultron Zombies vs Robots!– One of my favorite alternate Marvel stories is Marvel Zombies (Magneto was bad ass and they did a tie-in with Army of Darkness!) Anyway, the zombies are held back behind The Shield, which keeps other areas of Battleworld separated from the zombie horde. As punishment, people that upset Doom are sent there to fight and die against the zombies. Besides having zombies on the other side of the shield there is also Ultron! So a never-ending zombie horde clashing with a self-replicating robot horde is going to be one of the more fun to read battles as Secret Wars rages on.

  1. planethulkGladiator Captain America– One of Battleworld’s realms is set in the Planet Hulk storyline. However this time there’s lots of Hulks in a gladiator area and one of the gladiators happens to be a version of Captain America. Wasn’t really a big reader of Planet Hulk but Gladiator Cap with a Tyrannosaurus Rex is going to be fun to read so I’m sold!



18725. Wild West Heroes– Marvel 1602 was a fun look at the Marvel Universe set in 1602. Doom kills Queen Elizabeth, Magneto was the Grand Inquisitor, and Doctor Strange was actually really fun to read for a change. While Marvel 1602’s universe will be re-explored with Witch Hunter Angela and will show 1602 counterparts for characters such as Star Lord, I’m more excited for Marvel 1872. The series will present the Marvel universe in the Wild West town of Timely (a shout out to Marvel’s original publishing name). I’m expecting a blacksmith Tony Stark and a Sheriff Captain America.



  1. old-man-logan-2015-113168Old Man Logan- This is probably the best Wolverine story out there. Old Man Logan follows an elderly pacifist Wolverine in a dark dystopian future in which almost all the heroes have died and the villains are in control. This will be a brief but welcome return to that series.



  1. renewMarried Spider-Man– A while back following the Civil War storyline Peter Parker’s Aunt May was shot by a sniper shortly after unmasking himself and making his identity public. In an effort to save Aunt May Peter Parker and Mary Jane struck a deal with Mephisto (basically the Devil in Marvel’s universe) to spare Aunt May’s life. The trade-off is that MJ and Peter’s marriage will be erased from existence and the world forgets that Peter Parker is Spider-man. It wasn’t the most popular storyline but it had some fun moments but now it gets fixed….hopefully. The big Spider-man fan in me is hoping that this becomes the status quo following Secret Wars because it’ll be fun to see Peter Parker juggling his life as Spider-man and being a husband and father.

  1. secret_wars_2Alex Ross Covers- Alex Ross is the Norman Rockwell of comic art and he’s going to be doing all the covers for the core series! Yay!!!



  1. FuryProbably Black Nick Fury For Now On– I didn’t read Original Sin but I think the normal long-term Nick Fury (aka White Nick Fury) went crazy and is on the moon or something. Meanwhile Ultimate Universe’s Nick Fury was black to begin with and was modeled after Samuel L. Jackson before he was even cast in the first Iron Man movie. 616 did their own version by introducing Nick Fury’s long lost child which looks like Samuel L. Jackson as well. Hopefully after this is all done we’ll get one Nick Fury that resembles the Samuel L. Jackson version we’ve come to love and know.

  1. DeadpoolDeadpool’s Secret War- So a unfortunate spoiler alert: Deadpool was one of the first casualties of Secret Wars with his Death of Deadpool storyline. However being dead isn’t stopping Deadpool from having a limited story focusing on his role in the original 1984 Secret Wars storyline where the heroes are all transported to a different planet to do battle. Of course Deadpool didn’t exist in 1984 as he’s an early 90s product, but one fun aspect of the current creative team is that the creative team occasionally do these “forgotten history” stories for Deadpool usually pitting him in the 70s or 80s but with a 2015 attitude. This may be a funny read.


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