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Spider-Man Officially Joining Marvel’s Cinematic Universe: A Spider-Man Fan’s Hopes For The Future

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Posted on February 10, 2015 by Brad

It has been less than 24 hours since Marvel announced that a deal was struck with Sony to bring Spider-man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Internet is still going crazy with the news! Prior to last night, Spider-man could not be used by Marvel Studios due to Marvel selling the movie rights of some of their more bankable properties to various companies long before they entered the motion picture game. This is why we haven’t seen Wolverine fight in the WWII trenches with Captain America, Reed Richards collaborating with Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, The Human Torch and Spider-man hanging out or why Spider-man hasn’t joined the Avengers….Until now. Under the new agreement, Sony will retain the rights to Spider-man and still be able to release and distribute the Spider-man movies as well as having final creative control. However, now that Marvel can c0-produce future Spider-man films,  Spider-man can show up on-screen with Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers and the Marvel studios characters can likewise show up in a Spider-man movie down the line.  The announcement that came late last night did shake up the state of some upcoming films as some of Marvel’s previously announced Phase 3 films will now have new release dates and Andrew Garfield is reportedly out of the picture to reprise his role as the webslinger. Being a life-long Spider-man fan (I’m 30 and I gladly wear my symbiote hoodie to my corporate office job all the time and have a bin overflowing with Spider-man comics), I’m very excited with this news. Like most fanboys, I have a few hopes and desires of what hopefully comes next:

civil warA Proper Version of Civil War– In between the time of religiously watching the old animated Spider-man series to playing Maximum Carnage hours on end while reading comics to the days of High School and early college years when other things were more interesting, I didn’t read the comics in those days save for a few occasions. However, I was eagerly in line for all the live action Spider-man movies and playstation games! So Spider-man was still a part of my life. When the Marvel Comic event Civil War surfaced I began reading along and actively read comics regularly since. The storyline will serve as the basis for the upcoming Captain America 3 movie and will likely be a fallout from Avengers Age of Ultron in a few months. In the comics, following a superhuman attack that destroys a small town and school, the Superhuman Registration Act is passed dividing the heroes between those willing to register with the government as heroes such as Iron Man and those that want to maintain their secret identities and not register such as Captain America. Spider-man plays a pivotal role in the series as the man torn between the 2 sides. Obviously, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) the heroes are mostly without a secret identity and with additional characters such as the newly re-acquired from Fox Daredevil and the debuting Luke Cage and Iron Fist appearing on Netflix soon, we probably won’t see the massive superpowered battle royale that the comic contains. My guess is we’ll probably see it with the remnants of S.H.I.E.L.D.  with Iron Man and his “team” (depending who they can sign to a non-Avengers movie) vs Captain America, Falcon, Bucky Barnes (?), and possibly Nick Fury. Now that Spider-man can enter the picture, we’ll be spared from the inevitable “It would’ve been so much better if Spider-man was able to be used in the movie” critique that would’ve followed had this deal not been made. Plus Spider-man was the heart of the story so it would have been very bizarre to make a Civil War story without him.

mary janeA Soft Reboot Without An Origin Story- I didn’t really like the last 2 Spider-man movies (There I said it!) and despite the majority of the internet and box office numbers agreeing with me, the recent franchise has some very vocal fans. Some people dislike the original series so it’s a circle of fanboy bickering. I wasn’t crazy about dancing Peter Parker or Venom being shoehorned in either but I also dislike the Twilight-esque vibe I got from Amazing Spider-man series (the brooding, stalking Parker-Gwen love story was totally pandering to the Twilight crowd) and I am also glad we’ll probably not see a Sinister Six with supervillian starter kits now like the last movie hinted at. Now that Garfield is unfortunately out (I actually liked him, just not the writing/directing) , Spider-man will now be re-cast and we’ll likely see the franchise go in a different direction (read: Reboot). The Sony hacking scandal last year did indicate that they were possibly looking at rebooting anyway following Amazing Spider-man 2’s performance. However, there was a glimmer of hope when one email suggested having an adult Peter Parker rather than starting in High School again (same link as before). I am fully on board with this idea: At this point we don’t need to see Peter Parker bitten by the spider or awkwardly figuring out his powers for a 3rd time. Lets just hit fast forward a bit and just have him be Spider-man from the beginning! If a origin is needed to undo the last movies to wipe the slate clean, a opening credits montage in the style of The Incredible Hulk will work out great! Plus, having an adult Spider-man married to Mary Jane will be refreshing to see on screen. Some fans would like for this to be the opportunity to bring in Miles Morales of Ultimate Spider-man brought in instead, but as a Spider-man fan who likes Miles, I really don’t think it’s his time just yet (Donald Glover can still be cast, that’ll be cool with me). If it was just solely Sony rebooting a 3rd time, absolutely, but now that this is a Marvel collaborated version of Spider-Man debuting in one of the best Spider-man storylines in the modern age; it has to be Peter Parker without question. Either way if they want to go with High School Spider-man or if they want to go with Adult Spider-man I hope they get an mesh-up of the Peter Parker traits that Maguire had and the Spider-man quips and fun that Garfield offered with the new guy. Either way this plays out, above all: GET JK SIMMONS BACK AS J. JONAH JAMESON!!!!

venomVenom…In a Few Years– Venom is one of my favorite Spider-man villains but like everyone else, I wasn’t happy with his big screen debut. I actually liked Topher Grace as Eddie Brock, he made a great flip side to Peter Parker and didn’t need to be the hulking meathead from the comics. Venom sort of appears quickly and is dispatched just as fast making him a wasted part of the movie. It should’ve been a slow burn with Spider-man defeating the Sandman and then ridding himself of the symbiote suit and fading to black just as it consumes Eddie Brock transforming him into Venom to set up a 4th movie. I’m all for giving Venom another try if executed better. Bane was a hulking forgettable henchman in Batman and Robin but became a great adversary to Batman in Dark Knight Rises, so characters can live again following a disappointing version on-screen.

kravenMore Villains- Spider-man’s rogue gallery is comparable to Batman’s. There are lots of awesome bad guys we can see Spidey tangle with in future solo films. We’ve already seen a few Green Goblins, Doc Ock, Electro and even Rhino but I think it’ll be fun to see him play mindgames against Mysterio, hunted by Kraven , dodging  Shocker’s blasts or even fighting Kingpin on screen although I’m pretty sure that last one is going to be kept for Daredevil. Let’s see him tangle with someone new before we see more Goblin action or Doc Ock’s metal tentacles choking out Spider-man.



hulk wolverineA Similar Deal with Fox- There would be no way that Sony fully gives up Spider-man: like Batman, no matter how many actors play him, he’ll bring in money. Same can be said for Fox and their ownership of X-men. Despite rumors of Marvel killing off Wolverine and Deadpool in the comics and canceling the Fantastic 4 comic book as a form of protest against Fox whom owns those properties, I really hope a similar deal can be worked out between the 2 studios to use each other’s characters. Mostly I just want to see Wolverine fight The Hulk.



Iron Spider- This is actually part of the Civil War rant, but this is an awesome costume. If it can be worked out, it’ll be awesome to see onscreen:

iron spider

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