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San Diego Comic-Con: The Best Pre-Convention News (so far)

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Brad

sdccSan Diego Comic-Con is officially upon us with tonight’s preview night. Although I have yet to make the geek pilgrimage to the event, I’ve been satisfied with Denver hosting their own comic convention, which in it’s 2nd year, has surpassed attendance of Wondercon and others to become the 4th biggest convention in North America. However, despite friends complaining that the event in San Diego has grown far too large and overcrowded, I still would like to journey there someday to knock it off the bucket list. Regardless, this time each year I become extremely excited as I glue myself to the internet reports of all the announcements, movie trailers, and tidbits that come pouring in from San Diego (It’s like how my sport fan friends stay glued to the internet/TV during the NFL Draft). Basically movie studios, publishers and creators wait until this event to reveal all their secret announcements. With the convention a couple hours away from kicking off, we’ve already had some pretty fun news so far ahead of the convention. Here’s what’s getting me pumped already:

TV & Movies

godzillaGodzilla!- Since I was a kid, I loved watching Godzilla movies. As a teenager, I was admittedly pretty excited when they were making a Hollywood Godzilla movie. Initially I kinda liked it, but within a year I came to realize how crappy the movie was. However, enough time has passed, there’s been some big monster movies since then including King Kong, Cloverfield and Pacific Rim so I think it’s time to give Godzilla another chance. Apparently, they showed a teaser last year that got the crowd pumped into a frenzy. So far there’s been a picture released of the King of Monsters himself looking scary and I can only speculate that a preview will release this year during the panel to give us a good look at the big green wrecking machine.

 Jamie-Foxxs-Electro-look-unveiled-for-Amazing-Spider-Man-2Electro Revealed!- I know in my 2012 review, that I trashed the new Spider-man film. While I hated how some of the characters are portrayed, the focus on Parker’s parents and how much time was spent on redoing the origin for the 400th time, I did like some of the comic book elements such as the Stacy family’s inclusion (mostly because we’ll hopefully see a movie version of “The Night Gwen Stacy Died”, which is my favorite Spider-man story). With that said, I do expect to enjoy the sequel immensely more since we don’t have to re-live the origin story again and we can just move on to Spidey fighting bad guys. A few weeks ago, it was reported said that they completely scrapped the scenes with Mary Jane who was to debut in this film, but they countered the bummer news by revealing Electro. I do like how they went with the Ultimate version of Electro (portrayed by Jamie Fox) rather than the comic classic version. Plus, they look like they made Spider-man look more like himself this time with his new costume rather than what would happen if Spider-man and Optimus Prime mated….I really hated that suit. Now if they can just show Paul Giamatti’s version of Rhino, I’ll be pretty excited.

daysoffutureX-Men Days of Future Past Details- I’ve been pumped since this movie was announced and I grew even more excited when they announced that Bryan Singer will be returning to the franchise to direct and will be uniting the cast of X-Men First Class with those of the first X-men films for some time-traveling excitement. Each week more excitement came as the announcements of former X-men actors reprising their roles came pouring in (still hoping that Alan Cumming gets a call to do a Nightcrawler cameo). This week we learned that we’ll be seeing Peter Dinklage (aka Tyrion from Game of Thrones) portraying Bolivar Trask (the guy who creates the mutant hunting Sentinel robots), we’ll also meet a young William Stryker and there’s been whispers of an X-Force movie happening (if this is true, I hope it’s the team including a done-right Deadpool).

 wexterAxe Cop and S.H.I.E.L.D. Gets Premier Dates- 2 of my most anticipated shows coming up are definitely the Avengers spin-off show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Axe Cop. It looks like Axe Cop will hit the TV screen first with a preview episode on July 21st featuring the Nick Offerman, best known for his portrayal of Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation, voiced Axe Cop helping Bat-Warthog man find his missing friends including Army Chihuahua. The rest of the series follows the next week. The series is based on the popular web comic written by a 5 year old and his 29 year old brother (at the time of the launch), it’s gained some popularity as well for the motion comics on YouTube. The comics are regularly posted on For Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., we’ll have to wait until September to see the continuing adventures of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Coulson (who appears to be back from the dead following The Avengers). However, the panel is allegedly abnormally long, so there’s a good chance that they’ll probably do a screening of the pilot episode this weekend. Whether that happens or shows up online is a different story.

Enders-Game-Poster1Other Pre-Con Buzz- In addition to the aforementioned topics, there’s been some other fun rumors preceding the convention. Expected are first looks at the Robocop reboot, Ender’s Game, Kick Ass 2, 300: Rise of an Empire, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Wolverine, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Riddick and I, Frankenstein. In addition, there’s rumors that a new Predator movie will be announced as well as some Marvel surprises which comes following rumors that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is being considered to play Doctor Strange. Not necessarily related to the con, this morning Syfy Channel green-lit a sequel to Sharknado, in which another shark-filled storm will hit New York City. It looks like good things are already happening folks!

 Comic Books

aodArmy of Darkness Sequel!!!… (in comic book form)- While the continuing adventures of Ash Williams and his “boomstick” has been around in comics for a while, there’s been an announcement that the comic series will be rebooted with Steve Niles (writer 30 Days of Night) penning the series. In addition, it is said that the series will pick up immediately when Ash disposes of the deadite in S-mart at the end of Army of Darkness. From the preview pages on IGN, it looks like Ash will return to the medieval period. I for one am pretty excited to check it out since the only comic story involving Ash that was better than “meh” was the prequel to Marvel Zombies, which threw Ash into the Marvel Universe as beloved heroes such as Spider-man and The Hulk have become zombies. So I’m all for the series! As far as movies are concerned, there was that stinger at the end of the new Evil Dead movie with Bruce Campbell fueling speculation that Ash will hopefully return on the silver screen but everything but an official announcement has occurred. Knock on wood, they’ll hopefully change that this weekend.

harley1-610x826 Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Comic- The Joker’s gal is going solo with her own comic series! Since her debut in Batman: The Animated Series in the early 90s; Harley has since appeared in the comics and Batman video games and has become a very popular character. Those that have been following her in the comic books, know that her beloved “Mista J” has been pretty AWOL and his return in the Death of the Family comic arc saw him being not quite as nice to his former girlfriend. I think a Harley Quinn series with her ex-boyfriend issues will probably be a fun read. Plus the team of Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti did a pretty good job with Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, which for me stood out as the best installment of the controversial series.

 superiorPeter Parker Returns From The Dead!- Haha! Just kidding! looks like Doc Ock will be in the driver’s seat of Peter Parker’s body for the time being. I love what Dan Slott is doing with the series and it’s been fun to read Doc Ock as Spider-man. With his growing arrogance and recent hiring of “minions”, I can’t help but see this as Ock’s “Pride Comes Before the Fall” moment. Hopefully, we’ll get to see where the next couple of months takes us in Superior Spider-man.

With comic-con launching tonight and panels beginning tomorrow it’s basically going to be like “geek christmas” as teasers and tidbits of upcoming films, comics and shows are revealed. Check this page out this weekend as I post summaries of the best news to come out of San Diego.

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