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Denver Comic-Con: Brad’s Comic-Con “Non-Travel” Journal

Posted on June 17, 2012 by Brad

Denver just wrapped up it’s very first ever Comic-Con which is being projected as the second biggest opening for a comic-con ever, next to New York’s Comic-Con in 2006. For me this was my first Comic-Con experience as well and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Here’s my day to day report from Denver Comic Con 2012 (public link of my Facebook gallery as well):

Denver Comic-Con Day 1: The Con is On!!!

It’s con-season and for the first time Denver hosted it’s very own Comic-Con! Since getting tickets from my wife on my birthday back in March; I’ve have been constantly checking for guest announcements, brainstorming a cosplay outfit and eagerly watching the event grow (even with it’s cancelations of guests and last minute additions). Needless to say, I was pumped to attend it!

Tonight was opening night and I was a bit jealous seeing the cosplayers since my Nightcrawler costume is going to more or less be a one-off, but I’m sure there will be tons tomorrow along with me. I had to tell myself to be patient.

Our first order of business was to get our t-shirts that Stacey ordered with our tickets, as well as, our free sketch cards from the artists from Flying Fortress Comics (They were doing a Comic-Con special). Mine was done already and I got a cool Ash drawing. Stacey’s artist was delayed so we’ll have to get hers later in the week, but the guy seemed really nice and also seemed to have some stress outs about whether his graphic novel will be in for tomorrow’s event in addition to manning his booth solo. So completely understandable as to why he didn’t get to finish his sketches.

Our first section to really check out was Artist Alley where we met a few independent artists. Unfortunately, Axe-Cop co-creator Ethan Nicolle wasn’t here tonight; the guy dressed as Axe-Cop looked bummed as well, but we’ll catch his panel first thing in the morning. It was pretty cool seeing all the different projects and sketches, we even saw Alan Belman, who was one of the illustrators of the old Captain America comics during the Golden Age of Comics. He looked like a really cool old man; he was decked out in Captain America suspenders with a matching tie! Other cool artists we saw were Wolverine co-creator Herb Trimpe, and Barry Kitson who was kinda fun to watch as he sketched a Superman drawing. It really was amazing to see how quick these people can draw!

After Artist Alley, we decide to check out some of the vendors and see what sort of fun stuff they were selling. Some ranged from rare comics to mustache monocles to Stacey’s favorite; Star Wars hand-knitted hats. While browsing the exhibitors section, a really cool Iron Man and War Machine hit the floor! The suits were a good 7 feet tall, had awesome lights and had hydraulic sounds with each movement (I want to say Iron Man’s suit was playing Shoot to Thrill by ACDC too!) Definitely one of the most popular highlights of the night!

Tonight was really more of an “explore the floor and pre-buy things” kind of night. Tomorrow is the start of the real fun with the panels and Costume Contest, so it’ll definitely be a much bigger day. We left a bit early because I still had to do some touching up on my Nightcrawler ears and I’ll probably have to wake up a bit early to paint myself blue, so we went home where I struggled with painting my prosthetic elf ears blue. I also had to shave off my beard as well so I won’t have caked facepaint.

Tomorrow promises to be a very big day, I can’t wait!

Friday’s “Stats”

Most Used Costume: Catwoman, there were a ton of them! For guys, there was a healthy number of Batmen and Doctors from Doctor Who.

Best Costume (Male): Obviously the Iron Man and War Machine, they were an exhibitor and everything, but I can’t deny how awesome it was! I did like bearded Princess Leia and Axe Cop as well!

Best Costume (Female): There was a girl dressed as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw from Prometheus (since it’s still pretty new I won’t ruin what scene in the movie this girl was dressed like, but it was awesome and captured that tense moment in the movie perfectly). Close second was Female Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly.

Celebrity Sightings: Colin Ferguson (Syfy’s Eureka), James Masters (Spike from Buffy), Billy West (voice actor: Ren & Stimpy, Futurama),

Line of the Night: “Eww that looks like she has a vagina-wedgie!” – My wife Stacey after seeing a lady dressed as PowerGirl

Day 2: Cosplayers Unite!!

Brad’s Denver Comic-Con Gallery

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