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2017: The Best, Worst and “In Betweens”

With the final week of 2017 upon us it’s time once again to take a look back at the year in review. This is always one of my favorite recurring columns to do. As always I will miss a few things that appear in many other “Best/Worst lists”. I have not seen Blade Runner, Dunkirk or Lady Bird, nor have I binged Handmaiden’s tale or The Good Place. I was smart enough to avoid going to the theater to catch movies like Justice League, The Mummy nor did I bother watching Inhumans. I am a generation behind on gaming so I didn’t get to spend time with Cappy on Mario Oddessy nor did I run away from Jason Vorhees and I played only a moment of Cuphead with my Nephew on Christmas.  In my car I largely listened to the news rather than some of the year’s top hits so no music made my list either.  Everything I rank is based on things I watched, read or played and unlike most Best/Worst end of year lists, I like to do a “In-Between Section” (returning this year) of things I didn’t love but didn’t hate but felt like they were worth a mention.

2017 was a highly politically charged year, a year of investigations, a year that talking emojis became a thing and for me personally it was a year of winning homebrew medals, taking my wife to see Metallica live for the first time (an “agreement” we made when we started dating 10ish years ago) and our last year to be kid-free (2018 is going to be a game-changer!). So I can’t wait to review this year

So without further hesitation let’s take a look at my year in review

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The Best and Worst of 2016

20162016 might have been the worst year in quite some time.  It’s really hard to defend the year as being great when everyone can agree it was abnormally terrible.

In fact, I’m breaking a tradition with this recurring post and eliminating the “in-between” section from my annual list because very few things were redeeming enough to lift our spirits this year.

If there’s anything to end the year on a good note for me, it’s writing my annual Best & Worst look back at the year.  Keep in mind these are things that I thought were awesome (or bad) but feel free to weigh in on your personal best/worst of 2016 either on here or on the Facebook/Twitter talkback! Onto the list! (READ MORE)

The Best, Worst and “In-Betweens” of 2015

Happy New Year 2015. 3d

2015 was…let’s face it…a pretty rough year as far as news goes, but it was also a year that brought us Star Wars, Jurassic Park and more adventures with The Avengers. Traditionally, I like to use the last weeks of the year to take a look at the Best and Worst parts of 2015, but not everything is bad or good, so I like to look at the “meh” moments as well. It’s no secret that since starting this blog 5 years ago, the “Best, Worst and “In-Betweens” list is my absolute favorite thing to write for my site. It’s a great way to talk about things I didn’t dedicate an entire article to and it’s a great way to spark conversation as well. So without further adieu, Here’s 2015’s Best, Worst and “In-Between” list (READ FULL ARTICLE)

The Best, Worst and “In-Betweens” of 2014

2014Another Year is coming to a close which means that it’s time to once again post my annual “Best, Worst and In-Betweens” list for 2014. This was a year where protests over police and racial tensions intensified, ebola scared everyone, Gay Marriage being unbanned, mid-term elections and missing airliners. This was also a year in pop culture that saw some stellar movie announcements, gun toting raccoons and so much more! While there are some omissions due to this list being written prior to their release such as the last adventure of Gandalf, Bilbo and Smaug with The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and some shows that I may’ve missed and not watched yet (True Detective, Fargo, ect) Here’s some of my picks for the Best, Worst and “In-Betweens” for 2014: (READ MORE)

The Best, Worst and “In-Betweens” of 2013

2013Another year is about to end. Champagne is chilling, parties are planned, and resolutions are being brainstormed as we enter the final days of 2013. Last year was a big year to live up to: In 2012, we had the Olympics, a Mayan apocalypse, and other events to contend with. In 2013, we dealt with annoying politics, twerking and so much more. Here’s my annual Best/Worst and In-Between list to take a look back at the year 2013. (FULL STORY)

2012: The Year In Dinosaur News

In about a month, President Obama will give a State of the Union Address. I don’t pay too much attention to politics really and it’s my least favorite thing talk about, but I do like to talk about dinosaurs! So since I tend to do this once a month I decided it’s time to do a State of Dinosaurs address! It’s a bit overdue considering my last similar post was last September (which was the most viral article in this site’s history…no love for my Highlander dissertation?),  it’s time to take a look at the state of dinosaurs (in 2012)….plus I promised I’ll do this as penance for doing an all comic-book nerdy article last update!

To recap last year; 2011 left us with some disappointments such as what T-Rex probably really looked like, but also left us with some optimism such as the theory that chickens can be regressed back to a dinosaur-like species! Also, Jurassic Park 4 was announced too! Now that a year has passed, we still saw a healthy share of fun dinosaur news come to us via online. Here’s some that you may have missed! To assure you all that I’m not making all this crap up, I’ve hyper-linked some key phrases linking you skeptical readers to my sources! I’m a good geek that did his homework. Now onto the dinosaurs! (sorry for the intentionally geeky photo of me with my Dinosaur friends, but I think it captures my optimism for 2012’s dinosaur news):


2012: The Best & Worst of Comics (and A Rant on Spider-Man 700)

While making my end-of-year list for 2012 a few weeks ago, I had a comics section in the best/worst list, but ended up cutting it since that post was already dragging pretty long and I had just as much to say about comics as I did TV shows/movies. In 2012, I really began to get back into reading and collecting comics due to my close proximity to the Mile High Comics mega-store warehouse. So 2012, I spent a bit of time in Ye Olde Comic Book shops physically and online (with apps like Comixology). Here’s my look at the year in comics. (could be seen as the 2nd half of my summer comic progress report).


2011: In Memorandum

Friends, we gather today to bid farewell to the year 2011. I haven’t wrote much since this fair website turned a year old, but I have plenty coming this year (including my very delayed travel journal from my UK trip earlier this year, that’s very slowly being edited). 2011 gave us a lot in the world of pop culture and since writing these end-of-year lists are so much damn fun, I wanted to pay respect to 2011’s highlights (and lowlights): lets get going!

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