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All Good Things….

Since 2010 or so I’ve ran largely from a dot-com site but some earlier days from a blogspot site.


I had fun doing it. However my interests started to change over the last decade. In a lot of ways I started the site as my own take on pop culture blogs that I enjoyed reading in college that have long since been defunct.  For a while when I routinely collected comics and followed shows like The Walking Dead the site was my outlet to rant, share excitement and bitch about things.

Keeping a routine update was never my strong suit and the gaps went from 1 month to 2 months between articles and my last article on the site was a farewell to the character of Ash Williams who Bruce Campbell retired after 30 years of portraying earlier this year. That was my sole 2018 entry so with how little I was updating, the added time I’m now spending as a new father and my free time being focused on other hobbies like homebrewing I just didn’t think the cost of hosting a dot com site was justified. So like Ash Williams who I had as the Avatar of since the begining I felt it was time to retire the site as well. In about 10 days this site will fade to dust.

I wasn’t ready to stop writing. I still want to do it. I just didn’t want to pay $100+ each year just to have a home for something I want to write every once in a while. The Pop Culture Asylum name didn’t really reflect my current interests either. I think I chose the name because it was CRAZY and it sounded sort of cool but a few years ago I stopped collecting comics and while I’ve been homebrewing for nearly as long as the site existed my interest heavily increased into that hobby but any beer or brewing articles sort of just felt out of place with the moniker. In a lot of ways the site is sort of early-mid-twenty’s Brad and Dad-Brad isn’t the same person. In the earlier days I’d document trying random things like the KFC Double Down and Four Loko with exaggerated reports or gush over nostalgia after a few drinks. Looking back that’s not really the stuff I’d want to write anymore. But I still want to write. So much like the famous Thanos snap, I turned the old blog and the last 10 years of my entries into dust. I will continue a few things I enjoyed doing on the old site. Year in reviews, homebrew posts (now fitting better with the rebooted name), and travel journals will continue on the new blog found at:


Brad Cooks! Entry 1: Pumpkin Soup

Fall has finally arrived and while the leaves start to fall and the air gets cooler, soup cravings begin to happen. Since it’s coincidentally jack-o-lantern carving time, why not break out the old stockpot and put those pumpkin cut outs to use?

This is a new column that I decided to start posting on here. Something new to break the mold a bit from the usual rants about movies, comics, TV or general pop culture stuff; why not? Geeks gotta eat too! For the first installment, I decided to answer a few requests for a pumpkin soup that I make. Next to a mushroom shitake bisque, this is probably my most popular thing I cook. I wouldn’t say my pumpkin soup is “famous” because people say that a little too liberally about recipes, but it’s been around in a few social circles. Anyway here goes:

PopCultureAsylum’s Guide To Halloween Candy

If you visited the grocery store recently, you may have noticed that they are in full blown Halloween season right now. For those of you with houses and/or kids, you’ll undoubtfully be buying some Halloween candy very soon.  However, If you’re like me and freed of the shackles of children and trick-or-treaters, this is a fun time of the year to treat your sweet tooth. This is something of a guide to the best Halloween candies and Halloween related snacks and the start to PopCultureAsylum’s weekly Countdown to Halloween!  Enjoy:


Soo I Co-Hosted A “May The 4th Be With You” Star Wars Movie Night/Party

If you are reading this, chances are that you already know what significance May the 4th holds to Star Wars fans. If you have been living off the grid (AKA haven’t messed around on this thing called “the Internet”), May the 4th is widely regarded as “Star Wars Day” because of the fun to say pun “May the 4th be with you”.

My wife Stacey had more or less set everything in motion leading up to our first ever (first annual?) “May the 4th Be With You Party/Star Wars Movie Night” by having “Star Wars Shirt Fridays” at her work. So we opened our apartment up for a party and it had a pretty good turnout.


4 Characters/Scenes That I Hope Aren’t In “The Avengers”

We’re just a month away from the release of The Avengers, (aka the biggest gathering of superheroes in one movie), so there is an understandable amount of hype leading up to next month’s release.

As fans count down the days to see Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Agent Coulson , and Nick Fury assemble, I decided to comb through a few Avengers stories to prep myself for it. Although “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” have a rich and wonderful history, there’s a few bits of it that may not be suitable for such a large blockbuster. So far, everything looks good, but a movie like this will likely spawn a few sequels, so here’s some of the scenes and/or characters I hope we don’t see in future installments (Geek/Movie Cred Note: I know some of these if not all will show up…..ever, this is purely for comedy)


10 Reasons Why Taco Bueno Needs To Come To Denver: A Buenohead’s Open Plea

Tonight I had a revelation, but unlike a normal, inspired “a-ha” moment; this is a thought I’ve expressed periodically…. but tonight I realize how serious I am when I say this: Denver, Colorado needs a Taco Bueno location! Badly!!!

Growing up around and spending my college years in Abilene, Texas I’ve had unlimited access to Taco Bueno. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary when I’d have it for dinner twice a week….sometimes I’d have it nearly  every day! No dear reader, it’s not sick, it’s awesome and a testament of how awesome Taco Bueno is!

However, since then I’ve moved to Denver. Personally, I couldn’t ask for a better place to live; I get easy access to mountains, perfect temperature summers, green grass, and I’m living in the epicenter of the craft beer movement (there’s a new brewery/taproom/brewpub seemingly every 2-3 months). So in short: I love it here and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon! But there is one problem….There’s no Taco Bueno!!

In fact, the closest Taco Bueno is a 6 hour drive to Albuquerque, New Mexico and there’s a few locations in Kansas as well, but the drive isn’t any shorter. Due to this, I only get Bueno when I go home to see my Family in Abilene (I always request we make a B-line for Bueno before any hugs are shared) Seeing that I don’t have the  1.5 million net worth nor the $35,000 for franchising (I’ve looked into it quite often) I decided to just see if any rich people read this and do me a solid and get one going over here.

To further make my plea more pathetic…er…um “Reasonable” Here’s 10 reasons why Taco Bueno would be awesome for Denver:


Anticipating “Skyfall”; PopCultureAsylum’s Top 6 007 Movies

Earlier this week, the upcoming 23rd James Bond movie details were announced at a press conference in London. The next movie will be called Skyfall and the plot is described  as “”Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.” Joining Craig-Bond will be No Country for Old Men creepster Javier Bardem and Lord Vordemort  himself Ralph Fiennes!

While it’s a full year til Skyfall hits theaters, I can’t wait to see James Bond back in action (especially since it was delayed due to problems with MGM). To help get through this next year I will probably have to revisit all 50ish years worth of the franchise and I thought it’d be fun to make my own version of the other hundreds of “best-of-Bond” lists. So here’s my top 6 movies: