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5Today marks the 5th year that this blog has been in operation (or $450 later in hosting costs for something I post to like once a month or twice a month if I’m feeling saucy). So to celebrate the 5th year of this “sometimes updated blog on pop culture”, I decided randomly to look at the number 5 as in the fifth installment of movies, games and albums to look at what I consider to be some of the best, worst and meh. The 5th installment of things either was forgettable (Nightmare on Elm Street 5, The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Unnecessary (countless direct to video sequels), horribly awesome (Leprechaun in the Hood), or just as a chance to start fresh (X-men First Class, Batman Begins, Friday the 13th 5 which was literally called “A New Beginning”). So the number 5 is pretty fun to look at. Instead of looking at 5…5s, I just did 10 because if you’ve read this site before you’ll know consistency isn’t gonna happen! Lets take a look! (READ MORE)


6 Alien Races That I Hope Are *NOT* In Star Trek 2

Star Trek 2 is expected to hit theaters late next year and I for one am really pumped about taking another cinematic ride aboard the USS Enterprise. However, having given us a pretty good movie with Romulans, there’s been a lot of speculation over who Kirk & Spock will face off against in the next film. Rumors have been that Kaaaaaahhnnn!! or Klingons will be the next baddie. For me personally, I’m hoping we see some Klingon action solely after seeing the deleted scenes from the last movie (which sorta explains what Nero’s been doing for 22 years!! Plus i kinda like the helmets), but whatever J.J. Abrams does, I hope he doesn’t include the following alien races in the next movie: