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PopcultureAsylum’s Must Watch Episodes For The Every Simpsons Ever Marathon

Simpsons_FamilyPictureThe Simpsons have been around for 25 years. They’ve been around for 4 presidential administrations (3 of which served 2 terms each), outlived numerous TV shows, and contributed to several pop culture history-making moments. In addition they’ve stared in several videogames spanning since the old NES games, had a Lego set, fictional food products to tie into their movie, and theme park rides.  The 552 episodes began airing non-stop yesterday on FXX and with the addition of The Simpson’s movie, it will take 12 full days to go through the entire catalog. Unfortunately sleep and work will likely get in the way of many fun episodes, so if you are the owner of a DVR, this is when you get to put it to major work. Although a few super-early classics such as “Stark Raving Dad”, “Flaming Moe’s”, “Bart Gets and F” have already passed through, there’s still plenty to be excited about in the coming days of the mega-marathon. Like many fans, I believe the show’s best years are definitely behind them, but staying on the air since 1990 is no small task….there’s people drinking in bars now that weren’t even born when the show first aired. So among reliving the show’s best days, it’s also kind of nice to see a few episodes that I’ve missed in the mid-2000s when I mostly stopped watching. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’ll be impossible to binge-watch all the episodes, so here’s a few of my suggestions for which episodes to catch during the marathon (or to DVR as some of these will be in the late night and wee hours of Friday night and Saturday morning.) (READ FULL STORY)