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One Week Later: A Review of Metallica’s Hardwired…To Self-Destruct

metallica_hardwired-_to_self-destruct_2016Last Friday Metallica released Hardwired… To Self-Destruct.  Now that a week has passed and the “newness” has worn off and I was able to listen to it a few times I feel now I can accurately review it.  I feel that since St. Anger, Metallica has made it a mission to return to form.  With Death Magnetic, they took a step in the right direction and while this album is a better return to form it does seem at times that this is Death Magnetic part 2. With a few interesting projects between Death Magnetic nearly 10 years ago such as the odd Lou Reed collaboration album LuLu and the concert film/ action film mashup of Through the Never.  It was pretty fun as a fan to see Metallica return with a new album. (READ MORE) Turns 5: Here’s A List of 10 Things Involving 5th Installments!

5Today marks the 5th year that this blog has been in operation (or $450 later in hosting costs for something I post to like once a month or twice a month if I’m feeling saucy). So to celebrate the 5th year of this “sometimes updated blog on pop culture”, I decided randomly to look at the number 5 as in the fifth installment of movies, games and albums to look at what I consider to be some of the best, worst and meh. The 5th installment of things either was forgettable (Nightmare on Elm Street 5, The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Unnecessary (countless direct to video sequels), horribly awesome (Leprechaun in the Hood), or just as a chance to start fresh (X-men First Class, Batman Begins, Friday the 13th 5 which was literally called “A New Beginning”). So the number 5 is pretty fun to look at. Instead of looking at 5…5s, I just did 10 because if you’ve read this site before you’ll know consistency isn’t gonna happen! Lets take a look! (READ MORE)


GABF 2014 Hangover: Brad’s Re-cap of America’s Biggest Beer Festival

gabf logoAnother year, another GABF (Great American Beer Festival) in the books and another taster cup added to the collection (my 4th year in a row!).  Another tradition of mine when it comes to GABF is that after my mild hangover is subdued with sleep and a big breakfast, I like to go back and rate some of my favorite beers from the festival. This year was pretty cool because it so happened to work out with ticket buying that a lot of my friends had the same session. I enjoyed the member session quite a bit last year in its more intimate setting (and glass tasting glasses) but it was pretty fun to run into many friends, meeting up to plan attacks and then separating only to run into other people we knew for Saturday Night’s session.  My number 1 goal this year was to stretch across the entire floor as I felt like I hung out in the Great Lakes region far too much last year and was already swaying by the time I started hitting the breweries of the southwest. I also stuck to my carefully planned list for the most part and I felt that it gave me a better experience. In addition I wasn’t too worried about pouring out the “meh” beers or being worried if I separated from my crew.

gabfThis year I wasn’t really feeling the hops. I’ve made strides in adapting to drinking hoppy beers in recent years. Especially, if we were to time travel and meet 2009 Brad, whom just survived his first Colorado Winter, after living in the desert meets plains landscape of Abilene, Texas for his first 24 years of existence. 2009 Brad was in the shallow end of craft beer and was dogpaddling to the deep end…actually that’s a pretty spot-on analogy because I’m absolute rubbish with swimming. Six years later, I’m proud to say that I’ve embraced the hops and drink IPAs quite regularly…still a shit swimmer though. However this year I drank only a few IPAs and focused largely on Sours and Barrel Aged Beers at the festival. It also would seem that this was the focus for several brewers as well, so I had lots to choose from. (CLICK FOR FULL RECAP)

PopCultureAsylum’s Countdown to Halloween Week 2: Re-creating Ecto Cooler

Hey 80s/90s kids! Think of when you were growing up and the cartoon “The Real Ghostbusters” was all the rage. Are you following me so far? Good! Now, think of the action figures, think of the proton pack and the rich kid that had both the Proton pack AND the ghost trap. Don’t think about how you’d like to time travel to dick punch them for being smug, but DO think of all the nostalgia. After playing Ghostbusters, or when it was lunch time do you remember the ultimate drink you HAD to have? If you guessed Ecto Cooler, you win bragging rights…if you said something else; you’re a freak and I assume you have no soul, because there is no other right answer.

Now, time travel to the present. Beer may have replaced Ecto Cooler as your favorite drink, but if you decide to be nostalgic about it, I got bad news for you: Ecto Cooler has been discontinued since 2007 (Slimer himself left in 1997…a full six years after the cartoon was cancelled!) While it may live on with awesome memories, some people really, really miss the hell out of it! Some have launched full scale investigations! However, one group of rabid Ghostbuster fans made what they claim is the perfect clone of the beloved Ecto Cooler.

As part of PopCultureAsylum’s countdown to Halloween (and a motivating tool for me to update this site more frequently), I’ve decided to try to mimic this clone recipe. Here’s how it turned out:

(FULL STORY)’s Favorite Moments of The 2012 Olympic Games

Friends: sadly the Olympic flames have been extinguished and another 4 year wait has begun until the next Summer Olympic games. Since visiting London last fall (Travel Journal here), I’ve been pretty pumped for this year’s games after seeing various parts of London getting ready for the Olympics.

Another Olympics is now behind us and while we get over our Olympic fever, I wanted to take one last look at the Olympic Games. Here are’s favorite moments of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games:


Random Reviews: Four Loko

You may be familiar with the name Four Loko. This is an 12% abv, 23oz alcoholic drink that allegedly gives you the effect of drinking 4 beers or glasses of wine or even 4 1/2 shots of vodka, but has enough of an energy kick that’s equal to 3 cups of coffee. Naturally this mix of uppers and downers made the FDA pretty angry and as a result the drink has been banned in several states, with others not wanting to even bother selling it. So naturally, I’ve decided to make Four Loko part of our random reviews.

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