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Dispatches from Denver Comic Con Day 3: Saying “Cheese” with Bruce Campbell and hearing the voice of Batman (and Tigger too)

IMG_3787Sunday is the shortest and final day of Denver Comic Con. It’s the day that the last of the big panels wrap before 3pm and the exhibit hall shuts down 2-3 hours earlier than the other days. Still reeling from yesterday’s awesome hurricane of events, I was glad that today was largely a “relax day” for us. Last year we had to show up a good hour ½-2 hours to score wristbands to get into some of the bigger panels like George Takei or William Shatner. This year, we didn’t have that to worry about, but just like the year before, Sunday we enter the con extremely exhausted after 2 days of celebrating pop culture. Despite the exhaustion, I still very strongly advocate buying a weekend pass rather than the single day tickets as it’s the better value. I also like having the option to decide if a certain day is a “panel day” or a “explore the floor” day. (READ MORE)

Dispatches From Denver Comic Con Day 2: Talking weird mating rituals with The Oatmeal and Bruce Campbell!!!

iron giantDenver Comic Con has been around for 3 years and each year seems to get bigger and better. Guests change, vendors change, and policies even change. However, one constant is that Saturday has always been the definitive date of the convention. It’s usually when the biggest panels occur, the cosplayers are at their fullest numbers, and so on. Today was no exception. This was the day that the Con was in full effect.


Dispatches From Denver Comic Con Day 1: Morphin Time with the Power Rangers and Singing with Levar Burton

lego batDenver Comic Con is here once again and like the past 2 times, I’ll be doing day-to-day coverage of this weekend’s ultimate pop culture party in Denver.

My wife Stacey and I began our day early (at least for me anyway) as Denver Comic Con officially opened at 10 am this morning (much earlier compared to starting on Friday afternoons in previous years). Having a new puppy has added an extra hour into our morning routine as we needed to take Faraday on his morning walk and drop him off at his “human grandparents” home to be cared for while we were gone. To answer any questions; Yes, we named him after the shaggy haired twitchy character on Lost, but my wife tends to default to saying he’s named after Michael Faraday (a scientist famous for studying electromagnetism) since she’s a research assistant.  Halfway to my in-law’s place I realized that I made a really dumb mistake and left our badges at home. Shit! And I forgot to grab a sharpie as well. Shit! Next to our car having issues starting and delaying us by 15 minutes, we are now also looking at a good 30 minute delay to our planned schedule. Shit! Shit! (READ MORE)

Comic Con Hangover: A Rundown of the Biggest News to Come Out of SDCC ’13

avengers-2-titled-age-of-ultron-title-art-revealedEvery year, the biggest pop culture event in the world San Diego Comic Con is ground zero for all things related to comics, TV and Movies. For fans of such things, this past weekend had many of us glued to the internet as the reports rolled in (one day, despite the complaints of crowding, I do want to visit it in person and do first-hand reports). With so much bombshells being dropped at the annual event, it’s easy for some stories to slip between the cracks. Here’s a rundown (broken down by topic so you can just read the stuff you care about) of what I considered to be the coolest news that broke at Comic Con over the weekend. Of course, usually the weeks following, some of those exclusive first looks start to surface online for those of us not able to attend in addition to further announcements of such projects. Anyway here’s the geeky rundown: (FULL STORY)

San Diego Comic-Con: The Best Pre-Convention News (so far)

sdccSan Diego Comic-Con is officially upon us with tonight’s preview night. Although I have yet to make the geek pilgrimage to the event, I’ve been satisfied with Denver hosting their own comic convention, which in it’s 2nd year, has surpassed attendance of Wondercon and others to become the 4th biggest convention in North America. However, despite friends complaining that the event in San Diego has grown far too large and overcrowded, I still would like to journey there someday to knock it off the bucket list. Regardless, this time each year I become extremely excited as I glue myself to the internet reports of all the announcements, movie trailers, and tidbits that come pouring in from San Diego (It’s like how my sport fan friends stay glued to the internet/TV during the NFL Draft). Basically movie studios, publishers and creators wait until this event to reveal all their secret announcements. With the convention a couple hours away from kicking off, we’ve already had some pretty fun news so far ahead of the convention. Here’s what’s getting me pumped already: (FULL STORY)

Denver Comic-Con Day 3: William Shatner’s Comic-Connnn Panel, Creating DCC Traditions, and Some Assorted Convention Musings.

100_2788There’s a saying that goes “All good things must come to an end” and Denver Comic-Con is no exception. Today marks the third and final day of Denver Comic-Con. This morning we  decided to wear our Dharma Initiative jumpsuits and therefore creating a personal Denver Comic-Con tradition as we did the same thing last year. We arrived to another big line, but due to the snaking line, it didn’t seem like we were so far back being an hour ½ early. Due to yesterday’s line stretching pretty far with our early arrival for Takei wristbands, we decided to arrive early anyway regardless of if we’d luck out on getting a wristband to see William Shatner’s panel or not.

The line seemed more fun today with less bitching about the wait and more fun costumes and photo taking. We stood next to a family of hobbits with cardboard ears and then saw a Gandalf arrive. I know a wizard is never late, but he really was late with not being near us yesterday when we were decked out in Hobbit outfits. Also in the line, we saw some teenagers dressed as Dean Winchester and Castiel from Supernatural, a King Arthur from Monty Python and The Holy Grail, New Avengers Loki, and an adult Jayne from Firefly posing in a picture of a kid as Jayne too. I also nearly got in a embarrassing situation while doing a “I don’t get it rant” about “Bronies” (aka guys that freaking *LOVE* My Little Pony), which has gained some attention in the last year, but little did I know that a few feet behind me was “Mega-Bronie Prime” who was decked out in lots of My Little Pony stuff. Oops! When the line began to shift inside, we were lucky again and were able to score a wristband to see William Shatner’s panel later in the day.


Denver Comic-Con Day 2: “Ohh Myy! It’s George Takei! Talking Daleks with Doctor Who, and Whhil Whheaton”

100_2707Another day of Denver Comic-Con has come and passed as Day 2 of the 3 day event comes to a close. Today, there were many more cosplayers due to the costume shindig at the end of the day. My wife and I came dressed as filthy Hobbitsis and got a fair number of photos taken. This year a goofy wig (a Jackie Moon from Semi-Pro wig re-purposed as Hobbit hair) and Hobbit feet slippers were much easier to manage than my blue Nightcrawler makeup from last year (Immensely popular, but the itchiness and constant re-applying was enough to not want to reprise it this year). Hilariously enough, everyone knew to say “Hobbitsis” like Gollum does and I got not one but two compliments on my walking stick. Sidenote: the walking stick was a result of an afternoon of walking along Cherry Creek’s creek-bed and finding “the perfect stick”, so I was pleased to get validation on my stick finding skills.


Denver Comic-Con 2013 in Review Part 1: Chewbacca Speaks, Meeting Artists/Writers and Disco Nightwing!

dcc 2013Today the doors of the Colorado Convention Center opened to the 2nd ever Denver Comic-con. It’s been a year since the masses assembled to share their mutual love for all things pop-culture and a lot has changed in a year. Last year, Friday was arguably the most dead day of the Con (maybe with the exception of Sunday morning) but this year it seemed that the Con! The line wrapped around the entire convention center as opposed to just outside the registration tables as was the case last year. If the 2 hour wait to get in wasn’t enough of a “Head’s Up!” of the con’s growth, you’ll definitely notice a difference once you go inside. I’ve never been to an event that uses the entire convention center, even the Great American Beer Festival (aka Beer heaven) only uses half the exhibit hall, but now the floor is MASSIVE! In addition to the massive exhibit hall, the panels have graduated to using a ball room for main event panels, a much appreciated change for those of us who missed out on the Costume shindig when the room filled up too fast last year. Needless to say, Denver Comic-con hit a pretty big growth spurt this year!


Denver Comic-Con: Brad’s Comic-Con “Non-Travel” Journal

Denver just wrapped up it’s very first ever Comic-Con which is being projected as the second biggest opening for a comic-con ever, next to New York’s Comic-Con in 2006. For me this was my first Comic-Con experience as well and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Here’s my day to day report from Denver Comic Con 2012 (public link of my Facebook gallery as well):