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Thank You, Jo (Or: The Final Thoughts Of A High-Functioning Potter Aficionado)

(Minor spoiler alert: Photo of Neville near the bottom)

Dear Jo,

Thank you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your story. Thank you for Harry.

In it I – we – are lost in an excitement that always presents itself each time we open “Philosopher’s Stone” to start a re-read of the series. An excitement that takes us on a joyride of emotions as we turn the page and find friendships, heartarche, pain and sorrow, the bliss of a Quidditch victory for Gryffindor and the first kiss of a beloved character.


The Music That Made 2010 ‘010

Needtobreathe by

Howdy, lucidswirl here.

Music plays an important part in my life, and in many others.

2010 saw me run the gamut in genres. However, there seems to be a central theme throughout. Some sort of peaceful hope and awareness while searching for deeper meaning or purpose. Here are my top-five songs (and in some cases albums) of ‘010, in no particular order.

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Penultimate Potter Film Simply Amazing

The text I sent out after “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One” around 2:30 a.m. Friday morning said, “Followed the book pretty well. Acting was top notch. Cinematography was excellent.”

The first half of the final book to Jo Rowling’s epic tale not only met my expectations but pulverized them to tiny bits even Hermoine would have a problem putting back together, and that’s something.
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Potter Films Better Than The Books!??

Howdy folks, lucidswirl here,

So Fearless Leader posted on my Facebook wall a link that got the “Dumbass” tag on

Five Reasons the Potter movies are better than the books?

Ok then … I bit the bait. And then spit out the hook.

Point One – Alfonso Cuaron’s cinematography was great, heck it was darn near perfectly beautiful for movie three, “Prisoner of Azkaban.” The film is one of my favorites of the entire series from a movie standpoint, though David Yates’ take on movie five and six are superb. Most fans will say POA is one of their top favorites as a book even, which is what really irks people about the movie.

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President Bartlet cast as Uncle Ben; Forrest’s mom as Aunt May

Howdy, lucidswirl here.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting Martin Sheen is set to take on the role of Uncle Ben in the Spidey reboot. Great news for a great actor. The other news with this bit is Sally Field is apparently in early talks to be Aunt May.

This is some pretty cool news because it means there will be some good acting chops going into this reboot. Of course the first Rami film was not lacking talent with Tobey leading along with Willem Defoe, Cliff Robertson and even James Franco (who now is quite the actor) plus Kirsten Dunst. But still, even the reboot on paper has potential with these at least Sheen, hopefully Field and the already decided upon Andrew Garfield (I need to see some of his work), Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors.

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