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First Spidey-In-Costume Pic: First Impressions

So the first image of Andrew Garfield in his new Spider-man duds came out.  Here’s a few things that really jumped out at me upon viewing the picture:

1. Notice the spider emblem: The claw marks really jump out at me, Looks like Spidey is going to have a nice fight against The Lizard.
2. The weird flame-like design by the wrists.

3. Apparently he’ll be having wrist shooters (imo, a 19 year old developing a sticky compound tough enough support the weight of cars, people, helicopters, ect is complete BS, loved the organic shooters more)

I don’t know maybe I’m still anti-reboot b/c I’d rather see John Malkovich as The Vulture, Bruce Campbell as hopefully Mysterio, and I’d be seeing Spidey maybe this year had they not started over from scratch and got rid of Sam Raimi (the guy’s done enough good and 3 was the result of the studio telling him what to do), but this is a pretty decent cool picture. It may surprise me.

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Movies in 2011: A Look At What’s Ahead

I had intentions to watch some movies last year and up til June, I was catching a lot of movies, but the problem was that I kind of stopped going out due to having an opposite work schedule from my wife. So some big heavy hitters such as Inception, True Grit and The Social Network were sadly skipped. However, there’s a lot of good coming this year in the way of movies and a lot of them looks like they will be pretty awesome to see. So here’s a few that I’m personally looking forward to:

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Random Reviews: Four Loko

You may be familiar with the name Four Loko. This is an 12% abv, 23oz alcoholic drink that allegedly gives you the effect of drinking 4 beers or glasses of wine or even 4 1/2 shots of vodka, but has enough of an energy kick that’s equal to 3 cups of coffee. Naturally this mix of uppers and downers made the FDA pretty angry and as a result the drink has been banned in several states, with others not wanting to even bother selling it. So naturally, I’ve decided to make Four Loko part of our random reviews.

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Well Meaning Christmas Gifts (That Suck)

Well it’s that time again true-believers. It’s that magical time of the year when the clock ticks closer to Christmas and the tree already has presents underneath….that is all but the presents you’ve bought. Naturally this means a cram-session at the stores to knock out everyone on your list. This is exactly how last-minute creativity or very very bad mistakes come into play. To avoid the latter from happening, we at are doing our part and creating this list of well meaning presents that usually turn out to be a bad gift, so that you become a hero this Christmas morning.

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The Walking Dead: The First Season’s Report Card (So Far)

So we are merely days away from the end of the first season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. If you’ve followed us on Facebook, you’ll know that we’ve been just a little bit excited about this show hitting the air. The show has shattered cable ratings and has given us some quality TV for the last month, mostly because the show comes off as a new zombie movie every week. The show’s been impressive enough that I will officially declare it my “LOST Replacement”.

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Conan Is Back!!!

Conan is back!!!! What a long wait we’ve had to go through! (Most of it spent by getting into civil arguments with Leno fans) Since his rather messy departure from NBC. Conan finally made a return to late night TV. Passing the time before he could legally be on TV again, Conan had a successful “Legally prohibited from being funny on TV” tour,  kept us laughing with his twitter account postings, and in recent days had a free t-shirt giveaway which Lucidswirl and I had tried and unsuccessfully attempted to win some free swag (lucidswirl got closest though). Now that wait is over and Conan is back on the TV where he belongs and I couldn’t be any happier.


Bond Lives???

My day just got better! Despite being bankrupt, MGM has announced a release date for the next James Bond movie. Looks like we can see Bond back in 2 years.

Hopefully this means Daniel Craig will retain his role as Bond. When he was first announced as Bond, I was a pretty harsh critic since he was “too f*cking blonde!!”, but that quickly changed when I caught Casino Royale. Granted “Quantum of Solace” had mixed reviews in addition to a stupid name for a movie, I still liked it and feel that Craig-Bond should get another crack at it. Here’s hoping they keep their word!

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